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The Real Life of a Private Investigator:

Recently I was approached by journalist, Karla Dondio, to do an interview for an article she was publishing called The Real Life of a Private Investigator. The article explores the intricate life of a private investigator and uncovers some of the common stigmas often attached to this line of work.

In the article I talk about the misconception that surrounds private investigators (PIs) and what stems from that, including how people think PIs are above the law – which, in all honesty, couldn’t be further from the truth.

That’s why At Precise Investigation we are committed to working with clients to get the answers they need in a legal and ethical manner. We don’t believe in cutting corners and we work hard to ensure we don’t have to.

The editorial made it to print and featured in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers on Saturday 17th January 2015. To read The Real Life of a Private Investigator online, just click here.

If, like Karla, you are interested in speaking to a reputable private investigator about a piece for your publication, please feel free to give me (John Ioannou) a call on 0438 415 552.

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