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Precise Investigation has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an independent Private Investigation firm, based in Melbourne, Victoria.

The company was established in 1987 to provide unparalleled private and commercial investigation services to Australian individuals and businesses in need of applicable, protective measures against the likes of fraud, false claims and associated malpractices. Regardless of the industry, or the whereabouts of the people in question, we have made a life-long pledge to provide Australians with the most effective means of overcoming their issues, whether corporate, legal, financial, matrimonial or otherwise.

Over the last three decades, Australia has embraced a significant shift in technological advances which, although beneficial to the masses, unfortunately gave rise to a number of harmful practices that businesses and individuals alike have fallen victim to each year. Hacking, identity theft, bugging and a multitude of electronic scams found their way into people’s lives and, in light of our pledge, we strive to respond to those threats through a wealth of experience, training and on-going internal improvement.

Continuous experiential learning and the determination to obtain the results our clients required, has allowed us stay one step ahead of the game; our team of specialist field operatives grew to accommodate a larger pool of expertise, and we systematically integrated new experts to assist our dedicated support team.

Now, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and Hobart, we stand to integrate practical risk-reduction strategies and heightened information acquisition services to clientele across Australia, through improved service delivery protocols and the same qualified team of licensed investigators. A new series of national business development initiatives has given us the means to provide clients with the results they need faster and more efficiently, across a wider range of corporate risks present throughout Australia’s marketplace.

Our clients include, Insurance Providers, Financial Institutions, State and Federal Governments, Universities, Corporates of all scales and individuals alike, all of whom have enjoyed the benefits of our work, and it remains our utmost priority to deliver the information our clients need in a timely, professional, and cost-effective manner.

Precise Investigation
Government Licensed Private Investigations at Your Service.

How To Stay Ahead
The Man Behind Precise Investigation

John Ioannou, founder of the company, has served a long and industrious career as one of Australia’s most successful private investigators. By maintaining an uncompromised approach to operational integrity, skill delivery and discretion, John has been able to systematically deliver the results his clients need, and improve on his commitment to protect their personal or commercial interests. Precise Investigation was created to embody John’s determination and provide a platform from which he could effectively share his observations with a wider audience.

Now, three decades later, the company continues to see significant growth thanks to John’s dedication to the task at hand, consideration for those involved and ever-improving proficiency in the field.

Further to his capabilities as a Private Investigator, John’s innate comprehension of interpersonal behaviours has allowed him and our team to source only the most valuable of commercial resources, all made available to our clients, as specialists in a wide range of industry-specific fields.

Providing services with regards to State and Federal Government Legislation; Criminal Law; Insurance Claim Analysis; Corporate Fraud Detection and Risk Management, to name a few, has become an integral component of our company, as a reputable, Government-licensed Private Investigation firm.

Now encompassing a broad-based network of specialist field operatives and support personnel, who all share and enhance on the company’s expertise as it expands across the country, we are sure to continue providing unmatched, private investigation services to both our existing and prospective clients.

Meeting An Unrecognised Need For Private Investigations

Call Precise InvestigationThree decades’ experience brings a great deal of insight to the table, but the one thing that’s troubled us most over the years is the fact
that the majority of our clients only approach us after they’ve fallen victim to a particular malicious act. Whilst we boast a 90%
success rate across our service portfolio and work to recover clients’ losses wherever possible, it’s imperative that businesses
and individuals throughout Australia are made aware of the practical implications of applying preventative measures
before malpractice sets in, rather than reacting to it afterwards.

Preventative measures, such as integrating systematic background checks
into your recruitment process for example, reduce the risks that
you face from fraud, false insurance claims, workplace injury matters,
recruiting trustworthy staff and safeguarding confidential information,
among a wide range of associated concerns during day-to-day business.

It’s with that in mind that we have sourced a professional with proven
expertise, spanning more than 24 years in the effective delivery of
integrated risk management services and business development
solutions. This has complimented and enhanced our ability to
tailor our preventative, investigative and risk mitigation
solutions to each of our clients’ particular cases, and
their respective specifications. Whether businesses operate in the
corporate, legal, government, education, finance or health
sectors, our highly effective anti-fraud, counter espionage, surveillance
services and corporate investigations are an essential tool to any Australian organisation.

As we have grown, so too has the management team that drives us. With our National Operations Manager,
National Investigations Coordinator, National Business Development Manager and Customer Relations Manager behind us,
we can ensure that your business is afforded the expertise, proven systems and personalised service required to
meet both your recognised, and unrecognised needs for professional investigation services.

Our Clients

We take pride in being able to meet and exceed on our clients’ expectations, regardless of which industry they stem from, be it commercial or domestic.

From Multinational Corporations to budding entrepreneurs; we have served hundreds of businesses and independent parties across every Australian state, and in each case, we have been able to deliver the results they required, or helped them to understand the truth surrounding their suspicions.

Our growth and resilience, to date, has come about as a result of three decades’ experience and goodwill as one of the nation’s foremost private investigation firms. Through successfully obtaining admissible evidence and consistently articulating our findings to our clients, we maintain world-class client satisfaction and a service record to suit.

With our thirty-odd years on the job and an ongoing drive for continuous internal improvement, it’s easy to see why we’ve been able to retain an increasing number of life-long clients, as key partners, along our journey. Even some of those who originally approached us to perform one-off operations, have either come back to employ our expertise again for new projects, or set up long-term contracts with us.

We have worked with clients across a multitude of industry sectors and independent markets, the most common of which include, but are not limited to:

Computer Science
Finance / Banking
Food & Drink
Human Resources
Law / Legal Proceedings
Medicine / Healthcare
Natural Resources
Real Estate
State Government
Should you be involved in a business that isn’t active in any of the sectors listed above, and you’re searching for a private investigator, or team thereof, to assist you in overcoming your personal, legal, financial, insurance-related or legislative concerns, then get in touch with us today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable specialists will be more than able to answer any of your questions and help you to understand the factors involved in setting up a professional, and more importantly, successful investigation.

Mission Statement

Precise Investigation will build and maintain an enviable reputation as Australia’s leading private investigation firm. We will provide clients from every corporate sector, government department and personal background with the services they need to successfully overcome the issues that they face in the workplace or at home, on a personal, regional, national or international scale.

Client confidentiality is of paramount importance, and through the professional and regulated approach we take in the execution and delivery of our services, we guarantee the highest levels of discretion and integrity with regards to safeguarding your personal information.

In an environment that demands more than a keen eye and great attention to detail, we will ensure that only the most appropriate field operatives are made available to our clients – by extension, all operatives will be trained, licensed, dually experienced and insured under public liability and professional indemnity for our clients’ utmost peace of mind.

Our organization is dependent on client satisfaction; a positive outcome for our clients is a positive outcome for us. As such, it is our prerogative to carry out any professional investigation service in a manner that complies with all local, State and Federal Government legislations, regulations and laws. This allows us to obtain information that’s admissible as evidence, if need be, and ensures that all case results are pursuant of our clients’ requirements, from both a legal and personal perspective.

We will maintain an open, honest and proactive line of communication with our clients; if we are unable to perform a specific duty due to legal or legislative restrictions, we will always inform our clients prior to commencing any investigation services, and find an alternative means of obtaining the information our clients require.

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