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Why private investigators are more common than ever in 2020

Once upon a time, the private investigator was saddled with plenty of negative stereotypes. Hollywood certainly has not helped with the tropes of these depictions sporting deerstalker hats and trench coats, applying their own level of justice with their fists while puffing on a pipe […]

COVID-19 brings out a spike in insurance scammers

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions are likely to lead to a rise in fraudulent insurance claims, experts say. History has shown that in times of economic hardship desperate people will turn to desperate measures to make ends meet, including lodging a variety […]

Factual insurance investigations: what you need to know

Workers compensation insurance schemes are extremely important to ensure those that are injured or debilitated during the course of their employment are adequately remunerated so that they can continue to support their family, pay the rent or make their mortgage payments and put food on […]

Internet forensic computing investigations exposing the trolls

We have all heard of keyboard warriors. The cowardly, faceless online identities who spread malicious rumours, false content and misleading information which can easily fall under the auspices of Defamation in all States and Territories in Australia. They hide behind aliases, they use software like […]

How to know if you have been bullied in the workforce

Bullying can have a major impact on a person for an extended period of time and can never be tolerated, especially in the workplace. That is why there is legislation in place to protect workers from bullying and harassment, which is vital for employers to […]

Procedural Fairness – the rights of the employee

  Allegations of misconduct in the workforce are very serious and can be extremely damaging to an individual if these allegations are unfounded or untrue. That is why Procedural Fairness has been enshrined into the Fair Work Act 2009, giving employees the chance to defend […]

Termination of employment: The rights of the worker and the employer

  It is a reality of life that periods of employment are going to end. There are many reasons why an employee can part ways with their employer, including moving onto another position, contacts expiring, resignation, redundancies and more. But there are also times when […]

Employee screening: what should your business be looking for?

Recruitment can be a time-consuming and costly part of operating a business, but it is also an element that you have to get right. Hiring the wrong person can mean you have to go back to the drawing board and start the recruitment process again […]
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