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Subsequent Investigations

The Truth Surrounding Follow-up Investigations

May 29, 2019
Most professional investigators will be proud of what they’re able to uncover within a few hours in the field. Extreme patience, a keen eye for detail and the ability to covertly capture the subject’s movements allows most PIs to provide their clients with a really […]
Fifa Corruption under Private Investigation

Fifa Corruption Under Private Investigation

December 8, 2017
International Corruption and Private Investigators The article explains how Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein, a Jordanian princess married to the ruler of Dubai, hired an investigations agency to collect the evidence of corruption. Their operatives have been seeking to interview current and former FIFA officials, as […]
Putting us to good use

Putting Private Investigators to Good Use

December 6, 2017
When Private Investigators Really Matter Recently, the infamous Coles supermarket chain was forced to pay a New South Wales tradie a staggering $295,000 in damages, following a slip and fall incident in one of their stores in 2016. Paul Mansell, the tradie in question, was […]
Australian Mysteries

Australia’s Unsolved Mysteries

November 27, 2017
Unsolved Mysteries of Australia Our country is big, sparsely populated and sometimes harsh; all things that make the inexplicable, supernatural and mysterious seem all the more real. It’s surprising, actually that real mysteries aren’t more common around here, after all, as private investigators; discovering the […]

How Do We Compare To Our Hollywood Counterparts?

November 22, 2017
Hollywood’s Impression Vs Real-Life Private Investigators Hollywood and television have a long history of portraying Private Investigators in two extremes, one being somewhat alluring, and the other in a less than complimentary light. In this article, we’ll be comparing the differences between real, modern-day private […]
Do Global Crisis Have an Impact on Australian Insurance

Are Insurance Prices Going to Increase?

November 20, 2017
Are Insurance Policy Premiums Set to Spike? You’ve probably noticed that there have been a bunch of natural disasters this year, with two of the biggest international ones being Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Now, you may not think that foreign hurricanes can affect Australia, but […]
Catastrophic Investigations-post

Cat-Astrophic Covert Investigations Programme

November 17, 2017
CAT-ASTROPHIC COVERT PROGRAMME When you work in our industry, you’re always looking for the latest and greatest tools to use for covet surveillance. After all, anything that makes our lives easier will probably help produce better results for our clients as well. Throughout the history […]
Australian Schools Hire PIs

Schools Use PIs to Mitigate Fraud

November 15, 2017
Schools Use Private Investigators to Snoop on Fraudulent Parents A few years ago, it was reported that Australian schools were beginning to hire Private Investigators. As you may know, government-run schools generally work by catchment area, meaning that children are only eligible to attend if […]
Workplace Bullying

The Effects of Workplace Bullying

November 6, 2017
Workplace Bullying and How to Handle It Workplace bullying is a serious issue in the Australian corporate sector, with a 2016 survey finding that half of Australians to have experienced it at some point in their careers. While bullying at work rarely intersects directly with […]
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