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How to date online safely

The way we date has changed dramatically over the years and meeting people online has become the preferred method for many people. That is because it is easier to find fellow singles with similar interests, it is more time effective as you can do it […]

When and when not to suspect your partner is cheating

No one wants to deal with infidelity or the fall out of it. But sometimes life brings unexpected matters, and that can arrive in the form of spotting an unusual text on your partner’s phone or seeing them be ‘just a little too friendly’ with […]
Header image – sexual harassment at work

Handling Sexual Harassment at Work

Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Sexual harassment in the workplace is a complicated topic to discuss because so many people share different points of view on what it is. Hopefully, this article will clarify what constitutes sexual harassment, help you understand your rights and […]
Euthanasia Blog – Featured

Avoiding Potential Pitfalls with Australian Euthanasia

Victoria’s New Dying Legislation and What it Means As some of you may know, euthanasia was legalised in Melbourne a few weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know, “euthanasia” is defined as the act of killing or permitting the death of the hopelessly […]
Professional Risk Reduction

Risk Mitigation for the Modern Market

Multi-Faceted Risk Mitigation for The Modern Market “Risk Mitigation” has notoriously commercial connotations, most commonly in the insurance and finance industries. However, “risk” is something that everyone juggles with everyday, whether you’re running a multinational company or picking flowers in the park. It’s defined as […]
Subsequent Investigations

The Truth Surrounding Follow-up Investigations

Most professional investigators will be proud of what they’re able to uncover within a few hours in the field. Extreme patience, a keen eye for detail and the ability to covertly capture the subject’s movements allows most PIs to provide their clients with a really […]
Fifa Corruption under Private Investigation

Fifa Corruption Under Private Investigation

International Corruption and Private Investigators The article explains how Princess Haya Bint Al-Hussein, a Jordanian princess married to the ruler of Dubai, hired an investigations agency to collect the evidence of corruption. Their operatives have been seeking to interview current and former FIFA officials, as […]
Putting us to good use

Putting Private Investigators to Good Use

When Private Investigators Really Matter Recently, the infamous Coles supermarket chain was forced to pay a New South Wales tradie a staggering $295,000 in damages, following a slip and fall incident in one of their stores in 2016. Paul Mansell, the tradie in question, was […]
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