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Our Private Investigators Are Proven Bug Sweep and TSCM Professionals

Worried that your home phone, living room, car or mobile might be bugged? Maybe you’re worried about someone listening in to your private conversations or even watching your every move behind your back? Whatever the reason as to why someone may have planted an electronic listening device or camera on or near you, rest assured that Precise Investigation has the means to find, deactivate and remove any bugs with ease.

Whether it’s a jealous ex, nosey neighbor, disgruntled employee, or even a potential pervert, people have thousands of motives to go out, buy and plant bugs on others. Added to that, a recent figure suggests that Australians import over 200,000 bugs every year from China alone, not to mention Russia, the USA and Japan. Those bugs end up somewhere, and it’s our job to find them.

Why use Precise Investigation for Professional Debugging?

Nobody understands confidentiality and privacy more than those involved in securing it where and whenever possible – Precise Investigation has worked alongside countless businesses, government organisations and Australian individuals in assisting them to maintain their privacy, whether at home, at work or on the move.

Counter surveillance and counter espionage services are amongst the most demanding of any security measures that a person or business could employ, taking into consideration the sensitivity of the information at stake, the means by which that information could fall into the wrong hands and the technology required to expose it; hidden cameras, pin-sized microphones and remote transmission equipment make it incredibly easy to hide recording devices. That, added to the fact that these devices are becoming more and more covert with each passing year, is reason enough to ensure that you hire only the most qualified and experienced of bug sweeping specialists to eradicate the problem.

Precise Investigation has access to some of the most experienced counter-espionage agents in Australia, all of whom share a vast understanding of the laws concerning undisclosed recordings, conversation interception and privacy breaches. Additionally, we have thousands of dollars invested in narrow, medium and long-wave frequency scanners, jamming equipment and location devices that our investigators use during every sweep. There is no office, home, or vehicle that cannot benefit from a Precise Investigation bug sweeping service.

How Our Expert Bug Sweeping Services Work

Beyond that of planting a hidden camera behind your boss’ desk, there are numerous ways for a person to record or transmit sensitive information from one point to another. As such, bug sweeping is a service that encompasses a long list of techniques and practices including; infra-red and GPS detection; mains electricity and power supply wiring analysis; radio frequency scans and; visual and physical inspections along with classic light, Bluetooth and broad-frequency radio wave detection.

Examples of Bug Sweeping Services at Play

Below we have listed some key examples of the kinds of situations in which domestic clients request professional bug sweeping services:

  • Predator Prevention: When a parent or potential sexual assault victim fears that a predator may have infiltrated their personal space.
  • Jealous Exes: Where ex-partners have planted bugs to gather information for malicious purposes, such as blackmail or other forms of extortion.
  • Overly Protective Partners: Where one partner has planted a tracking device somewhere on or near the other in an attempt to monitor their every move.
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