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Commercial Counter-Fraud Investigation Companies, Risk Mitigation and Surveillance Solutions

Fraud investigations, different here to our Insurance investigations, are generally applied to commercial situations in which some form of deceit has taken place to give an individual or third party an unfair advantage over another, aside from a person reaping the benefits of a false claim, for example.

Fraud, being an act of deception, can be incredibly difficult to prevent, recognize and address for the average person or business owner. Australia is unfortunate enough to bear the title of one of the World’s most economic crime-affected countries, and it’s with those two notions in mind that Precise Investigation has developed a tailor-made, fraud prevention solution for small, medium and large-scale corporations to apply immediately.

Fraud investigations expert that understands how to best approach each respective case, based on those exact details.

Fraud can take place on so many levels, within an incredibly wide range of company divisions, roles, industries and market sectors, so it’s imperative that you hire a

Precise Investigation’s Fraud Investigation Specialists

Precise Investigation boasts an impressive thirty years at the forefront of the Australian Private Investigation industry, and in so doing, we have built an enviable reputation as one of the country’s most successful investigations providers. With that, each of our private investigators is qualified, insured and dually experienced in gathering evidence relating to acts of fraud, whether it be a case of employees bunking off work, feigning illness; business partners double-dipping and exposing trade secrets; people lying on their résumés; or any number of malicious undertakings that may cause a business harm.

We have provided world-class fraud investigation services to hundreds of clients across Australia and, in each instance, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our customers receive only the most up-to-date, accurate and timely reports. Our goal, ultimately, is to help them make the right decisions with regards to which means are the most appropriate to address their respective fraud issues.

Whether you represent a start-up, a medium-sixed business or a multi-national corporation, you can be sure to run into some form of fraud during your career and the lifecycle of your business – by employing Precise Investigation, you can actively reduce the associated risks and protect your interests from suffering at the hands of fraud now and in the future.

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How our Private Investigators Address Fraud
Depending on the nature of the fraud in question and the case at hand, Precise Investigation will delegate a pool of expertise to systematically collate and analyse the available information and then cross-reference those findings with evidence that our operatives uncover in the field.

Those records are then compiled and presented as up-to-date reports, showcasing evidence pertinent to the allegations, the potential suspects, their associated circumstances and any other information relevant to the case.

With that information, our clients are able to make an informed decision as of how to proceed with a particular concern; for example, calling the police, filing a law suit or discharging a malicious member of staff.

When Best to Apply Our Fraud Investigation Services?

Below are a few examples of fraud that our thirty years’ expertise is sure to help any business overcome:

  • False Workers’ compensation claims
  • False injury claims
  • Copyright infringement
  • IP and other property theft
  • Fake résumés
  • Investment Scams
  • Corporate-Espionage – where someone has been employed despite their hidden intentions to share trade secrets
  • Please see below to explore some of our more common reasons to run a professional location service:

Fraud Investigation

Precise Investigation maintains a regular blog, reflecting on interesting tidbits from the private investigation industry, including topics like crime, love, relationships, statistics and investigation case stories. With that, we have listed a few of our top posts and articles related to background checks for your perusal:

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