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We have provided professional surveillance and investigation services to hundreds of clients across Australia over the last thirty years. Over that time, our experience, skills and technical prowess have evolved to suit the needs of the ever-changing domestic market. Whether to investigate your suspicions of a dodgy house-sitter, a cheating partner or even a potential crime, we can help.

Each of our investigators employs the utmost diligence, discretion and attention to detail when engaging in any surveillance operation, making it all the easier for our clients to make their next big decision.

What is a Surveillance Service?

By definition, undertaking surveillance involves observing, recording and documenting a given subject and their respective activities over a specified timeframe. As such, our private investigators are able to monitor homes, remote locations, businesses, friends, family, partners, assets and more.

We will usually allocate one or more operatives to begin observations over a given address, for a prescribed amount of time, as per your instructions. Over that period, we will film, photograph and note all relevant activities, pertinent to your case, collate those findings and then present them as a comprehensive report. Whether you’re based in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland or Tasmania, we can provide the support you need.

Please note that our detectives will always work to an allotted timeframe. However, and depending on the case in question, surveillance investigations can take as little as a few hours or as long as a few months to finalise.

We provide our clients with regular updates regarding the status of their investigations. With this, we can work in new intelligence and increase the chances of documenting relevant activity as and when new addresses, contacts or other information comes to light.

We provide three types of surveillance services, each of which is specifically tailored to you and your case’s exact requirements:

Covert Observations:

This is our most requested form of surveillance as it involves our investigators monitoring a person of interest without their knowledge. Covert surveillance is usually employed in cases where a subject is suspected of engaging in secretive or illegal activities.

Overt Observations:

Uncommon in most private investigations, overt observation is the act of openly monitoring a person of interest. As such, this type of surveillance is typically employed as a preventative measure, or to expose activities surrounding a subject. Fitting a “wire” to a person would be classified as overt surveillance to the person wearing it.

Static Observations:

This type of surveillance is generally coupled with one of the above and involves monitoring an area or person of interest from a fixed location. These investigations are usually employed when a suspect is believed to be frequenting a particular location, or where illegal or otherwise malicious activities are suspected of taking place.

Precise Investigation will always guide you as to which surveillance services to apply to your particular case, and we will go on to ensure that the finer details of those surveillance services are in line with your exact case requirements, wherever possible.

Why Choose Precise Investigation?

Precise Investigation and our detectives have been serving private clients, just like you, across Australia, for close to thirty years. That experience and knowledge from the field affords us the means to provide our clients with the most accurate results.

Whether you’re hoping to expose a crooked boss, a cheating partner, a double-dipper, a shady accountant or anything else, rest assured that we have the means to address your case with the utmost care and attention, discretion and professionalism.

How a Surveillance Investigation Works

Depending on the complexity of the case in question, Precise Investigation generally follows a three-step approach to all domestic surveillance investigations:

1 – Brief

Once you’ve made contact with Precise Investigation, we will then arrange a suitable time to meet or speak over the phone. During this process, we’ll ask a few questions about the subject, to help our investigators identify, locate and then observe them.

2 – The Surveillance

Following a detailed brief, one or more of our private detectives will set about engaging the suspect with the utmost discretion. We take photographs, record video and compile detailed reports of the Subject’s activities for your perusal. We will always adhere to your instructions as best possible, whilst keeping our observations and the approach we take to them well within the limits of the law.

3 – Reports

As and when new information comes to light, Precise Investigation will compile those findings into accurate written reports for you to review.

When to Engage a Surveillance Specialist?

A surveillance or “Activities” investigation is the most appropriate service if you’re looking to gather information regarding the activities surrounding a given person, place or item of interest.

So, take advantage of 30 years’ experience and initiate an investigation with one of Australia’s leading private investigation agencies if you’d like to;

  • Uncover infidelity;
  • Monitor activity at home, while you’re away;
  • Document your babysitter’s activities with your children;
  • Gather evidence to assist with child custody proceedings;
  • Expose crime and other malicious activity at a given location;
  • Confirm a person’s whereabouts at a given time, or;
  • Investigate something more specific.
  • We tailor our surveillance solutions to your requests, ensuring that we have the skills and resources necessary for a fast and effective outcome.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to initiate an investigation today. We’ll be sure to provide you with some of the most accurate, timely and comprehensive reports available in Australia.

Surveillance and Investigations in our Blog

We regularly post about interesting topics in the industry, including stories based on real cases we’ve undertaken in the past. Our blog encompasses a wide range of topics, the more relevant of which we’ve listed below for your perusal:

What Experience Has Taught Us

In the field, we naturally use a wide range of electronic equipment to assist in surveillance. Some tech, however, just stands out from the rest. Whether it’s for its resilience in enduring the constant drops, coffee spillages or adverse weather, here are a few recommended items that we’ve used and abused on the job:

Canon 550D (650D)

Alright, while this guy might not be a full-frame camera, or have the same megapixel capacity as some of it’s competitors for the same price, we can truly say that this camera is simply fantastic. It’s been produced to endure certain temperatures, humidities and falls, but we can assure you we’ve exceeded all of those figures and it still works! Added to its surprising ruggedness, the 550D (superseded now by the 650D) also shoots amazing, HD video, on top of being a sturdy, well-rounded SLR. Highly recommended, especially if you’re willing to void the warranty and use certain plugins, available for free online, to increase the camera’s functions. They can end up making it an even more powerful photographic tool than some of the more expensive cameras available today.

Macbook Pro 13″

While some argue that Macs are overpriced for what you get, and in having used both Windows and Mac machines, we have good things to say about both… but we’re highlighting one faithful old mule we’ve had since 2008. She’s been dropped a ridiculous number of times, so much so that she has dents coming from inside the casing! Her screen cover has cracked, but never her screen and her battery still lasts a good four hours. Not too sure about their latest Thunderbolt 3 ports, but still recommended nonetheless!

Bushnell Legend Series Binoculars

Small enough to fit in your glove box, under the seat or in a bag and durable enough to withstand kicks, being stepped on, spilling hot coffee on it and even dropping it out the window. It’s not advertised as being able to do that though, so don’t try it on purpose, but that’s what our E series has been through! Added to its superb clarity, rugged build and waterproof casing, even if it did break, Bushnell’s Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee makes any Legend Series Bushnell purchase a worthwhile investment.

Mr. Burger – Burger Joint

That moment when you unwrap one of these bad boys in your car and chow down… it doesn’t even matter how much your bum hurts from sitting so long, how sore your eyes are or how stiff your back is… when you bite into a “Mr. Meat,” all your troubles dissolve away. Seriously recommended… and they have other burgers too, we just feel that Mr. Meat is the real deal.

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not affiliated in any way, shape of form with any of the above websites or organisations. We have simply listed a few items that we feel may be of interest to you, based on one or more members of our team having used them in the past and putting forward a recommendation.

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