Corporate, Commercial, Industrial & Business Investigation Services

Precise Investigation has stood firmly at the forefront of Australia’s private investigations industry for close to three decades, having provided hundreds of clients across the country with timely, cost-efficient and results-driven commercial and government investigations. Our accreditation as one of WorkSafe Victoria’s key investigations providers is a testament to the quality of our work and the trust that any commercial, industrial or government client can have in the services we provide. Each is specifically tailored to the client in question, their restrictions, budgets and project timeframes to ensure that the results we deliver are perfectly aligned with their exact requirements.

Our sole aim is to provide the Australian commercial, industrial and government sectors with a dependable means to overcome, prevent and minimise the risks associated with the likes of malpractice; fraud; false claims; misconduct; theft; corporate espionage and any associated corporate concerns. By extension, whether you reside or work in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart or even the more remote reaches of the country, we can have an operative, or team thereof, ready and available to assist you at a moment’s notice.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigation

With over thirty years’ experience in the field and as a registered provider for Worksafe Victoria, our licensed private investigators are qualified to deliver thorough activities and factual investigations to insurers across Australia. Whether you’re looking to reduce the risks of fraud across your entire portfolio, or hoping to tackle one case at a time, our fraud investigations are tailored to you.
Debt Collection and Recoveries

Debt Collection

Precise Investigation offers clients an unrivalled approach to debt collection, resolution and recovery through thirty years’ experience in the field, specialist training and the use of only Australia’s most qualified and trusted professionals. We’re sure to help locate your target, ascertain the most effective means of recovery and proceed with a fast, efficient and reliable debt collection service.
Commercial Surveillance Solutions

Business/Employee Surveillance

Our detectives have provided commercial surveillance services to Australian organisations across the country for over thirty years. In that time, the agency has continuously improved on service delivery and investigation procedures. This, in turn, allows us to provide our commercial clients with a seamless, discreet and cost-effective means to manage more serious workplace issues.
Due Diligence Services

Corporate Investigations/Employee Misconduct/Workplace Theft

It’s imperative to refer to reliable information when coming to that next big decision, and word-of-mouth is often the only resource employers have. Precise Investigation’s commercial due diligence and corporate investigation solutions are designed to separate fact from fiction.
Commercial Skip Tracing and Location Services

Skip Tracing / Locate Someone

It's not uncommon for businesses to lose track of disgruntled employees, non-paying customers, debtors or even ex-staff members. Most frequently, we're called upon to assist with headhunting old colleagues, finding the odd run away customer and even, providing the whereabouts of ex-business partners who still hold critical information about clients or ongoing projects. We can help you find them.
Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigation

Whether you’re hoping to expose deceit or minimise your chances of becoming a victim of commercial fraud, rest assured that our private investigators have the experience, the skillsets and the discretion required to unveil only the most relevant, unbiased and accurate information. We then present that information as a comprehensive report for you or your lawyer to review.
Online and Computer Forensics

Internet Forensic Computing Investigations

Internet and Computer Forensic Investigations are designed to locate, extract and analyse data and associated usage patterns across computer systems, mobile devices and both private and commercial networks. That information is gathered in line with Australian Law and compiled into a comprehensive report which our clients can put forward as evidence in court, should it be required.
Employment Screening & Background Checks

Employment Screening/Background Checks

Employment screening and background checks are available through Precise Investigation, affording businesses of all sizes the opportunity to streamline recruitment. Mitigate risk and ensure the smooth running of your day-to-day operations by speaking to one of our private investigators today.

Office Debugging/ Bug Sweeping

In today's day and age, and taking into account just how quickly technology is evolving, the threat of having your private conversations, your location and your activities recorded, stored and transferred across the web is real. Employing the services of a professional bug sweeper can drastically reduce the risks of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.
Online Behaviour Enquiries

Online Behaviour Enquiries for the Commercial Market

Precise Investigation’s professional online behaviour enquiries are designed to shed light on a given person’s activity online, whether it be through a mobile device, a home or office computer or a laptop, over both private and public networks. We’ll work to your exact requirements in exposing usage patterns, frequencies and specific sites that a particular person has visited.
Some more of our corporate investigation and surveillance services carried out include:
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