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Our expert team provide clear and comprehensive results across a wide range of commercial, insurance and government investigations. Overcome, prevent and minimise the risks associated with fraud, malpractice, theft, corporate espionage, misconduct and more. Get in touch with a leading investigation and risk mitigation agency today.

Corporate Investigations
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Hire a private investigator to discreetly uncover lies, expose dangerous habits or catch a cheater. Our detectives have helped hundreds of private clients through a variety of personal and family issues over the last 30 years. We provide clear and reliable results, compiled with the utmost discretion to ensure complete client confidentiality. Speak to us today.

Private Investigations
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Why Use Our Investigation Experts?
Need a skilled Private Investigator? Our operatives are available Australia-wide, with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Darwin and Hobart.
Australia’s Leading Private and Commercial Investigation Service Experts.
We offer a wide range of investigation services to Australian insurers, businesses, domestic clients and government bodies. With some of the country’s most experienced and qualified personal detectives on hand, we cover fraud and insurance investigations, professional surveillance, workplace behaviour investigations, background checks, debugging, cheating partner investigations and much more.

Precise Investigation has been successfully assisting private and commercial clients across Australia since 1987. Our investigators provide the highest levels of expertise and work to help clients overcome their greatest issues, both within the workplace and their personal lives.

As one of a few long-standing agencies in Australia, our experience has taught the team to develop effective solutions to almost any area of concern that a business, government organisation or private client could face. Have a look at our blog for more information.

Arrange a meeting with a private investigator near you, whether you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Darwin or Hobart. We also service the more remote areas of the country with tailor-made investigation solutions, so no matter where you are, we’re sure to help.

Uncover the Truth with Private Detective Services You Can Trust

Our investigators have been hand-selected and carefully vetted to ensure that we continue to deliver some of the highest success rates of any detective agency in Australia. Each private eye is a specialist in his or her respective field, allowing us to approach any case with the most appropriate skillsets. A good, licensed investigator will always work towards an outcome that their clients can actually use – that’s what we strive for in every case.

A varied and long-lived service offering has seen us build and maintain an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s foremost authorities in private investigations. We’re proud to offer our expertise to customers across all major industries.

Whether through complex workplace behaviour enquiries and fraud investigations or more simple evidence gathering to support personal cases, working with us is often the safest, quickest and most effective way to gather the information you need.

Hire a Private Investigator that won't bend the rules

Our private investigators work hard to address every point in our clients’ briefs. Those detectives employ the utmost care and attention to protect our clients’ privacy and confidentiality, above all else. This simple, yet highly-effective approach ties in with Precise Investigation’s three core principles; integrity, discretion and skill, and goes on to further improve our client relations.

As one of Australia’s most trusted detective agencies, we offer you the opportunity to hire a professional investigator and employ a cost-effective solution that delivers on its promises. Our greatest strength lies in continuously delivering on the results our clients need. We provide regular updates whenever new information comes to light and present our findings in accurate, timely and coherent reports. To achieve the best outcomes from your investigation, use Precise.

Looking for a private investigator near you? A detective might be closer than you think.

Our Discreet Private Investigators Provide Ultimate Peace of Mind

Precise Investigation is a professional investigations agency, working with clients all over Australia. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Hobart, our private eyes can provide customers across the country with the peace of mind they deserve.

We will never compromise on professionalism. We will always strive to provide our clients with the very best in investigation services, however complex, personal or sensitive the case may be. Should you find yourself in a situation that you, your business, your family or friends are suffering in, and you don’t know how to tackle it yourself, hire a licensed private investigator.

Call us today, and one of our detectives will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. We’ll provide the guidance you need to best understand which services are the most suitable to overcome your particular concern, and allocate the most appropriate detective for the case.

Professional Private Investigators Specialising in Corporate and Private Sectors Australia Wide

common applications for commercial investigations include:
  • Electronic debugging
  • Factual insurance investigations
  • Surveillance insurance investigations
  • Workplace behaviour investigations
  • Loss adjusting services
  • Litigation support
  • Witness locations services
  • Process serving
  • Field calls
  • Occupational issues
  • Recovery claims
  • Personal injury matters
  • Negligence matters
  • Directors and business liability
  • Debt collections
  • Pre-employment reviews
Insurance Investigations

Insurance Investigation

With over thirty years’ experience in the field and as a registered provider for Worksafe Victoria, our licensed private investigators are qualified to deliver thorough activities and factual investigations to insurers across Australia. Whether you’re looking to reduce the risks of fraud across your entire portfolio, or hoping to tackle one case at a time, our fraud investigati...
Commercial Surveillance Solutions

Business/Employee Surveillance

Our detectives have provided commercial surveillance services to Australian organisations across the country for over thirty years. In that time, the agency has continuously improved on service delivery and investigation procedures. This, in turn, allows us to provide our commercial clients with a seamless, discreet and cost-effective means to manage more serious workplace issu...
Due Diligence Services

Corporate Investigations/Employee Misconduct/Workplace Theft

It’s imperative to refer to reliable information when coming to that next big decision, and word-of-mouth is often the only resource employers have. Precise Investigation’s commercial due diligence and corporate investigation solutions are designed to separate fact from fiction.
Employment Screening & Background Checks

Employment Screening/Background Checks

Employment screening and background checks are available through Precise Investigation, affording businesses of all sizes the opportunity to streamline recruitment. Mitigate risk and ensure the smooth running of your day-to-day operations by speaking to one of our private investigators today.
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Our Popular Personal Investigation Applications include
  • Exposing cheating partners, wives, husbands
  • Family member searches and surveillance
  • Child custody matters
  • Online dating enquiries
  • Tracking individuals’ whereabouts
  • Collecting video evidence for court matters
  • Divorce and family court surveillance
  • Phone data recovery
  • Background checks
Bug Sweeping

Debugging/Bug Sweeping

If you think someone might be interested in tracking your location, your conversations or what you do when you’re alone, then it’s time for a professional bug sweep. Any mobile phone that’s been left behind could pose a threat, as well as countless tracking devices sold online. Our private investigators offer professional technical surveillance cou...
Surveillance Services

Surveillance Investigation

Catch a cheater, uncover child abuse, stop identity theft, expose domestic violence and much more with our government licensed private investigators. With over 30 years’ experience as one of Australia’s leading private investigation agencies, we’ll go about gathering indisputable evidence to assist with your personal issues or court-related matters...
Missing Person – Skip Tracing

Find Someone/Skip-Tracing

Hire one of our private investigators today to have a missing person located, within reason, whether they be absconders, debtors, missing children or those suffering from psychological distress. With over thirty years behind us and one of the highest skip tracing success rates in Australia, our detectives sure to be of value in your search.

Child Custody Matters

Our private eyes provide parents across Australia with a wide range of investigation solutions, tailored to meet the needs of any child custody or family law matter. Whether you need support in proving your spouse to be an unfit parent; assistance in overturning a custody hearing or; proof of domestic issues, a government-licensed private investiga...

Driven By Results
We maintain one of Australia’s highest success rates with regards to achieving the outcomes our clients seek, compared to any national detective agency. We take great pride in being able to work closely with our clients, striving to best understand their circumstances and the specifics of the situations surrounding their particular cases. This, coupled with the sheer detail of our investigation briefs, gives our detectives the means to address our clients’ every requirement and see to it that our investigations serve their best interests.


A Personal Touch
While we have built an enviable reputation as a leading commercial investigations provider, we also employ a great deal of care and consideration in every case we undertake, regardless of the client in question, their background or the circumstances surrounding their cases. We pride ourselves on building longstanding relationships and offering clients across both the domestic and commercial spheres a completely tailor-made solution to the issues they face at home, at the office or on the move.


Qualified Experts You Can Trust
With thirty years behind us, we have ensured that each of our detectives has not only qualified as a professional service provider, but carries lengthy experience, licensing and public liability insurance. We are dedicated to preserving client confidentiality, acting discreetly and ensuring that each investigation we carry out is seen to in the most professional, unobtrusive yet efficient manner possible.

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