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Scalable Background Checks and Professional Employment Screening Solutions

Most companies will employ some form of Human Resources personnel to manage recruitment, however these professionals aren’t specifically trained to determine which elements of an application are legitimate. Employment screening and professional background checks do just that; they’re designed to investigate a given person’s history; whether focused on their previous employment, internet, social or criminal activity. Unfortunately, most HR staff lack the education, experience and skillsets necessary to effectively determine whether incoming applications are fraudulent or not; running a once-off background check or arranging long-term employment screening for broader recruitment processes are your most viable options.
In many instances, it is blindingly obvious that a given person isn’t qualified to perform a particular duty, but with that, there are countless web-based agencies that “assist” people in putting together their résumés.

People who can’t speak or write in English suddenly have a professionally produced CV that isn’t representative of who they are, thereby allowing them to circumvent the first stage of recruitment and often go through to interviews. No doubt, the interviewer finds the experience to be a waste of time, with a more applicable candidate most likely having been overlooked as a result.

Furthermore, Australian businesses spend millions every year on perfecting their recruitment processes to reduce the costs associated with finding the ideal staff, yet so few take professional employment screening and background checks into account; services that are designed to streamline recruitment and minimise the risks of fraud, theft, malingering, substance abuse and more.

Employment screening services and professional background checks are designed to whittle out any fake, under-qualified, irrelevant and otherwise unsuitable applicants before the HR department even knows they’ve applied. The idea is simple; using experiences and expertise that stem entirely from a history dedicated to exposing fraud and other forms of deceit, our private investigators work tirelessly to review every element of the applicants’ résumés to ensure that only the real and most relevant candidates are pushed through for you to review further.

The Importance of Professional Employment Screening

Unfortunately, Australia suffers some of the highest rates of fraud of any country in the world and, with that, the same risks come into play when companies seek to employ new staff. Australia’s geographical location has given rise to a sudden influx of unqualified people making their way into the country in hope of a better life, bringing with them vast quantities of fake or forged documents. This, in turn, allows them to enter into professions that ultimately pay better than anything they’d have done at home, without necessarily having the qualifications to do so.

The risks? Well, it’s easy to see how, for example; someone employed as a chef in a restaurant, boasting ten plus years’ experience prior to their new role, with no genuine qualifications or experience may cause problems for the restaurant. Their understanding of proper cooking times, food hygiene and equipment safety standards will be well and truly under Australia’s minimum requirements, resulting in legal implications for the restaurant in the event that any customers become sick.

Why Choose Precise Investigation to Screen Your Staff?

Precise Investigation has been providing accurate, cost and time-efficient employment screening and background checks to customers across Australia for close to three decades. While the processes may have evolved over that time, so too has our understanding of Australia’s core requirements when it comes to effective recruitment, and we’ve managed to successfully apply that understanding to our clients’ requirements in each and every check we undertake.

Our expert background checks tap into vast networks, back-door databases and a multitude of off-line publications, along with school and police records from numerous countries around the globe, to create some of Australia’s most accurate recruitment streamlining solutions to date.

How to start a Professional Background Check

With unprecedented access to some of Australia’s largest online databases, industry-leading data mining software, vast resource networks and a team of specialist analysts, Precise Investigation is able to seamlessly incorporate any number of recruitment streamlining solutions to any company, of any size.

Simply get in touch with our offices and one of our friendly representatives will be sure to guide you through the initial stages of setting your streamlining solutions up and, once arranged, you’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing that every incoming application has already been rigorously vetted to minimise your risks of being defrauded down the line.

What Information can a Background Check Reveal?

Precise Investigation offers a wide range of employment screening and background check solutions to companies across all of Australia, including:

  • Large-scale, multi-tiered background checks
  • Once-off, highly detailed employment history reviews
  • Criminal Record Exposure
  • Medical History Exposure
  • Debt and Finance History Exposure
  • Education and Qualification Verification
  • Online Behaviour Exposure and;
  • Name Verification,

Amongst a number of tailor-made solutions that we can arrange to suit your needs.

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