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Bug Sweeps and Professional TSCM Services available for Offices across Australia

Given the turbulent and ever-advancing nature of technology around the world, and the mounting pressure on corporations to continually deliver on or above their customer’s expectations, there comes a greater risk of corporate espionage.

When one company holds an invaluable trade secret, sometimes patents, copyrights and other trademarks just aren’t enough to protect them from being stolen. That, added to the fact that over 200,000 bugs are imported into Australia every year, from China alone, is a significant indication that people are trying to listen in on others, regardless of whether the victims believe they hold anything of interest or not.  Having your offices and corporate vehicles swept for bugs on a regular basis is a surefire way to reduce the risks of your company being infiltrated, and your precious development plans, intellectual property and other crucial information being stolen.

Why Choose Precise Investigation for Commercial Bug Sweeps?

Precise Investigation and our team of qualified, licensed and highly experienced private investigators have been providing world-class bug sweeping services to Australian organisations around the country for close to three decades.

Coupled with our experience in the field, our dedicated support team actively research, test and employ new technological advances to help us stay one step ahead of the game, granting us the ability to effectively locate, deactivate and remove any hidden recording devices wherever they may be.

Through continually developing our approach to exposing covert recording equipment, Precise Investigation has maintained one of Australia’s highest success rates in removing the malicious devices and thereby safeguarding our clients’ and the information they hold so dear.  By employing only the most advanced scanners, sensors and jammers available on the market, we have been able to detect some of the world’s most inconspicuous spy equipment, installed in locations as obvious as ceiling lights and as discrete as the screws in the back of a water cooler.

How Our Investigators Provide Effective Bug Sweeping

After arranging a booking and supplying us with the details of where and when you’d like your bug sweep to take place, Precise Investigation will arrange for one, or a team of investigators to visit the premises and go about scanning for any malicious devices.

Once exposed, we can organize to have the equipment destroyed or, depending on the device in question, work to have the signal isolated and the receiver located, thereby revealing clues as to whom may have been attempting to intercept your confidential communications.

Sweeps can be arranged as once-off, weekly, monthly, bi-annual or even annual services, depending on the nature of your business, the sensitivity of the information being handled and the likelihood of competitors trying to steal that information.

What Usually Leads to a Professional Sweep?

In most instances, corporate and government clients require bug sweeping services to counter the following issues:

  • Leaks in Confidential Information
  • Exposed Business Development Plans
  • Exposed Take-over Plans
  • Stealing Customer Information
  • Departmental Competition
  • B2B Competition
  • Corporate Espionage
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