Domestic & Family Investigation and Surveillance Services

Precise Investigation takes great pride in being able to deliver some of Australia’s most successful private investigation and surveillance services to individuals, family members and private clients throughout the country.

Whether you’ve grown suspicious of your spouse; your partner has been avoiding child support payments; you’re worried about where a family member might be or; you’ve come to realise that you have a problem that you just can’t face alone, Precise Investigation is here to help.

Our team of specialist surveillance and factual investigators have helped hundreds of clients across all major states and cities, including Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Hobart and Brisbane, to gather the evidence they need to address their greatest concerns and, in so doing, revel in newfound peace of mind.

Bug Sweeping

Debugging/Bug Sweeping

If you think someone might be interested in tracking your location, your conversations or what you do when you’re alone, then it’s time for a professional bug sweep. Bugs aren’t necessarily something you’d only see in the movies – not anymore, anyway; any mobile phone that’s been left behind could pose a threat, as well as countless tracking devices sold online.
Surveillance Services

Surveillance Investigation

Make use of over 30 years’ experience as one of Australia’s leading private investigation agencies, by setting one of our surveillance specialists to work. We’ll go about gathering indisputable evidence to assist with your personal issues or court-related matters, whether they’re associated with adultery, child abuse, identity theft, domestic violence or something more unique. Contact us today for more information.
Background checks Australia

Background Checks

Have us run a background check for you today and rest easy knowing that you’ll soon get to the bottom of your concerns. Whether you’re hiring a babysitter for the first time or you’re looking for your next CFO, a background check can make whittle out the weeds and help you make those big decisions all the easier.
Missing Person – Skip Tracing

Find Someone/Skip-Tracing

Hire one of our skip tracing and location experts today to have a missing person located, within reason, whether they be absconders, debtors, missing children or those suffering from psychological stress. With over thirty years behind us and one of the highest success rates in Australia, we’re sure to be of service.

Domestic Internet Forensic Investigations

A more advanced and in-depth approach to data recovery; our forensic computing investigators use powerful database and activity mapping software, coupled with data recovery tools and a wealth of experience to decisively locate, extract and document catalogues of information from any given device or computer. Available today and tomorrow, across every major Australian State.
Cheating Partner and Infidelity Investigations

Catch a Cheating Partner

If you fear that your partner may be romantically involved with someone else, but you’re struggling to get any answers, hiring a professional, discreet and experienced private investigator might be the solution you’re after. We’ve been putting concerned couple’s minds at ease for over thirty years and we can do the same for you.

Online Dating Enquiries

It is widely acceptable for people to meet and romanticise online, and it is generally safe to do so, however, with so many people instilling their trust in technology, there comes an opportunity for others to take advantage. If you’d like to know who you’re really talking to online, have us run a professional online dating enquiry.

Phone and Data Recovery

Need a fast and efficient means to gain access to vital information in a phone, laptop or computer? Our data recovery experts make use of the most up-to-date software and the latest know-how to provide our clients with some of Australia’s most effective data recovery solutions. Simply give us a call on today 1300 856 011 to get started.

Child Custody Matters

We’ve been providing parents across Australia with a wide range of investigative services, tailored specifically to meet the needs of any child custody or family law-related matters. Whether you need support in proving your spouse to be an unfit parent, assistance in overturning a custody hearing or proof of domestic issues, our family law specialists can help.

We have extensive experience with domestic and family investigation and surveillance services across VictoriaNew South WalesQueenslandWestern AustraliaSouth Australia and Tasmania.

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NOTE: Each case can be is specifically tailored to your exact requirements.

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