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Process serving, also known as specialist document delivery, is the action of delivering legal documents to a specific person who is; to appear in court; reply to a court summons; to otherwise engage in legal council or; expected to take a specific course of action.

Effective process serving usually involves a great deal more than simply popping a letter into an envelope and having it mailed to the people in question. Frequently, the people receiving the documents don’t want to read them, let alone do as the documents request.

As such, it can be incredibly difficult, time-consuming and expensive for companies, government organisations and legal firms to track down recipients and ensure that they have, in fact, received and read the documents being sent to them.

Precise Investigation boasts thirty years’ as a leader in the Australian private investigation industry, which coupled with our unparalleled discretion, location capabilities, surveillance and specialist private investigators, makes for one of the most effective means of process serving and document delivery in the country.

While we provide professional process serving and document delivery services to every Australian state, it’s important to note that each individual state has its own set of rules, regulations and legislations that define how those services are carried out. With that, we highly recommend that you touch base with our offices to best understand how we’ll go about serving your documents and what the potential outcomes may involve.

What Documents Do We Serve?

While process serving is generally tied in with court cases and the law, Precise Investigation is able to deliver and retrieve a wide range of documents on behalf of debtors, financial institutions, courts, government bodies and many more as part of our specialist document delivery service.

With that being said, below we have listed a summary of the most common document types our private investigators are asked to serve or deliver:

  • Writs – a “writ” is the technical term for a court order given in writing. Precise Investigation has delivered thousands of writs to unwilling recipients across the country.
  • Subpoenas – a subpoena is a type of writ, written up to inform a person that they are expected to testify before a court.
  • Complaint – unlike the generic term, legally a “complaint” is a formal legal document that describes the details of a claim being made by one party against another. When someone is sued, a complaint is issued to them before they appear in court and our private investigators have made that process far more efficient for our clients.
  • Summons: a court summons is a piece of paper, asserting the power of the court, that tells a person that he or she is being sued and that the court will hear and determine the outcomes of the case. In short, it’s the document that commands a person that to appear in court at a specific time and date. Understandably, many people will avoid reading court summonses as they inevitably involve the recipient going to jail or receiving heavy fines.

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Process Serving and Document Delivery from Precise Investigation

Process Serving came about originally after courts in North America encountered growing difficulties in having defendants appear for their cases. Even involving the police was often a waste of time and resources as those who were summoned would simply deny their identities, making it illegal to receive the documents in the first place, then quickly proceeding to flee their homes, states and in extreme cases, even their countries.

Australia is no different, with hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent by plaintiffs every year in legal fees after defendants fail to appear in court.

As such, process serving requires a great deal more effort, expertise and experience than first meets the eye and, coupled with our proven success in domestic, commercial and government investigations, we can apply the same skillsets to process serving to have legal documents delivered successfully, time and time again.

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With offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart, and professional investigators with decades of process serving experience stationed across the country, clients from all market sectors, courts and legal firms can make us of our commendable approach to an intrinsically important service.

Get in touch with Precise Investigation today by calling 1300 856 011 or simply click here to use our online contact form.

One of our friendly support staff will be sure to guide you through the procedures we have in place and answer any questions you might have. Remember, there are varying rules and regulations for each Australian state, so it’s important to know your limitations before you initiate the service.

Other common documents Precise Investigation serves include are:
  • Notices of eviction,
  • Civil summons,
  • Child support documents,
  • Divorce papers,
  • Collection letters and,
  • Civil complaints.

Process serving

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