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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Scammers Using Videos of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 to Spread Malware

Scammers Using Videos of Malaysan Airlines Flight MH370 to Spread Malware

Isn’t it sad to think that some people feed off of others’ suffering, sadness and angst as a means to exploit and extort them?

Take Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, for example. Following the story of the mysterious flight and its disappearance, scammers suddenly tapped into the population’s growing concern, and released a number of emails and social posts with links to interesting “videos.”

These links are fake, however legitimate they may seem, and clicking on them results in automatic malware and spyware downloads that then allow scammers to access your computer, view your activity and monitor your keystrokes.

SCAMwatch and another company, Stay Smart Online, have issued a warning to consumers, asking them to be cautious when receiving emails about the flight, especially if the emails contain nothing but a link or two.

You can read a more detailed account of the situation over on the SCAMwatch website, or by clicking here

Fraudsters often use the news and current affairs to scam people, some of the most recent cases of which were: the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Anzac Day, and the Boston Marathon Bomb catastrophe, where scammers would send spam emails containing links to cheaper tickets or fake charities in need of donations.

Keep an eye on your inbox and try to avoid opening emails from service providers that you’ve never heard of, and people that you don’t know. If you feel inclined to open the emails, then at least copy and paste any links into a Google search, and see what comes up first.

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