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Ripping Off The Australian Army:

Supreme Food Services, a multinational food and beverage company, was lucky enough to clinch a multi-million-dollar contract from a number of International Security Assistance Force nations, including Australia and the US, to supply catering services to military forces during the Afghan war.

The company was employed to supply troops and diggers in Afghanistan with basic food and drink from mid 2000 until 2013. However, a recent investigation has brought a few disturbing findings to the surface, the most prominent of which was the fact that Supreme Food Services has been found to have set up a middleman company in Dubai, Jamal Ahli Foods Co., specifically to increase the price of goods and effectively double-bill all associated troops.

While the extent of Supreme Food Service’s damages are yet to be quantified and/or made public, it is known that since admitting to the charges, the company has been made to pay $96million US ($135 million AUS) in fines, $48 million US ($68 million AUS) in compensation and another $10 million US ($14 million AUS) in criminal penalties.

And all of this, right under the noses of some of the World’s most powerful people – the cheek!

It just goes to show that no matter what your business does, where it works or who it’s involved with, if you don’t perform your due diligence and effectively ascertain who you’re dealing with, you’re just setting yourself up to be taken for a ride. We’ve seen it happen all too often and now, with the news of even Australia’s military forces being defrauded, there’s never a better time to start implementing professional risk reduction solutions.

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To see more about the Supreme Food Services story, please refer to the Sydney Morning Herald or their website, by clicking here.

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