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Greece – Giving Locals a Reason to Become Criminals?

Despite Greece’s economic situation, fraud is on the rise as people attempt to keep vital taxes from the government.

Greece has been the victim of a serious economic downturn in recent years and most of its residents are aware of the fact that their government is in dire need of finance if they want their country to stay on its feet. Most citizens, although distraught, angry and very displeased with the situation, have come to terms with it and continue to live honest lives in the hope that their contributions, if any, will help their fellow countrymen and state to re-establish itself.

Being of Greek origin, I find it both embarrassing and incredibly upsetting to hear of people attempting to rob the country and its people of a means to improve the country’s situation, yet that’s exactly what’s happened.

Here we have a case where two senior managers of a reputable Greek restaurant, based in Halandri, Attica, have been fraudulently printing incorrect sales receipts as a means to throw off the Greek tax office.

In total, the restaurant declared €40,585.00 in tax, whereas investigators discovered that the two managers had actually withheld over €217,000.00.

More than 373 printed documents were reported to have been lost or gone missing, the remainder of which revealed that the suspects had been printing genuine receipts for their customers, but programmed their tills and other equipment to print fake sales records that described the transactions as being less than 30% of their actual value.

As such, the managers were arrested in connection with the charges and went on to be prosecuted by Athens District Court.

Whilst this is not an Australian case, and as our regular readers would know, fraud is still rife within Australia as well as many, many countries throughout the world.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for smaller business, in particular, to pay closer attention to histories of the people they employ or the potential business partners they look to bring in.

More often than not, your next employee or associate will be exactly what you’re bargaining for, but if the wrong person is brought in, without performing a proper background check or pre-employment review, your company may suffer incredible losses, disrepute or even bankruptcy.

Is it really worth the risk to proceed, rather than paying a small administration fee for a professional to assess the situation on your behalf, and give you the peace of mind you need?

Precise Investigation has been at the forefront of the Private Investigation industry in Australia for nearly 30 years – we’ve been called upon, time and time again, to provide our expert advice and professional services to companies and individuals and, with each new case, our clients walk away with the results they really need.

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