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Female Muderer Gets the “OK” to Use Private Investigator:

No matter how serious a crime may be, putting people behind bars with little or no evidence of their involvement is a very concerning notion.

Here we have a case that many may feel is unfair, or immoral, but take into account that Jodie Christine McLean, the accused murderer of Steven Michael Gordon, has been convicted on the premise that she murdered in cold blood. If she’s found guilty, she faces a life sentence in prison.

Ms. McLean has recently won the right to use a Private Investigator to uncover evidence on her behalf. This has caused outrage in some communities, with people asking why she’d be allowed to seek and employ help – but again, she can’t be proven guilty or innocent without appropriate evidence.

Her attorney’s decision to hire the Investigator would allow for the Michael Gordon Family, or Ms. McLean, to expose the lies and, ultimately, get to the bottom of the case.

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