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If you ever need to track someone down or locate a missing person, we highly recommend alerting the Police or, depending on the circumstances surrounding your search, hiring a company like Precise Investigation to do the looking for you.

With that in mind, there are a few things you can do before pulling out the “big guns,” that may be able to assist you in your efforts. Here are six relatively easy, cheap (or free) and effective ways of locating a person within Australia


Uncover a name and an address using a phone number
Reverse Australia is a very useful tool – the company even holds unlisted or “silent numbers” but to obtain addresses, the site requires users to log in with their Facebook accounts.

After you’ve entered the person’s phone number, you’ll be granted their full name, their address, the communications company that owns the number and you’ll be able to see comments from other people about that particular person (if there are any). So, if you know someone’s mobile phone or landline number, you’ll be able to reveal their address and their name.  Needless to say, if you already knew where the person lived and they’re not there anymore, this tool won’t be of any use.

Note: Australia Lookup, a similar company, provides a likened service if the information you find on Reverse Australia is incorrect, incomplete or missing

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Much like the first option, this online tool is only useful if you don’t already know the person you’re looking for’s address or contact details.

Simply type in the person’s last name and Person Lookup will display, along with a Google Map image, the person’s address and contact details. The results can be a little tedious to go through if the person you’re looking for has a common surname, but if you know which area of Australia they live in, you’ll likely get what you’re looking for with relative ease

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A little less revealing than Person Lookup, but with more accurate results, White Pages can show you a given person’s phone number if you know their full name and suburb. The information is generated through Telstra Sensis, which makes it more up-to-date than other platforms, but given that it is only a telephone number that you’ll be finding, you’ll need to couple that information with other online services, such as Reverse Australia.

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Precise Investigation Can Help

Hire us for accurate professional help…

By employing Precise Investigation’s reputable skip tracing and locate services, you can engage a professional private investigator, or team thereof, to assist you in your search. Although results are never guaranteed, due to the ever changing nature of disappearances, we do boast one of the highest success rates of any private investigation firm in Australia and our thirty years’ experience in the field has allowed us to help hundred of clients across the country to locate people of interest, as well as assets that may have gone missing.


Depending on the person you’re looking for, and how often they jump on Social Media, along with their privacy settings and their keenness to share private information, you may be able to use their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages to find crucial information about them, such as their phone number, home address, school addresses, place of work and more. This isn’t the case with everyone though as many people fail to fill in those fields in their profiles, or simply hide that information from the general public. You may need to “befriend” the person online before you see their information too.

Away from their private information though, you can often get clues of their whereabouts by using the information they provide in their public posts. Have a read through and look at the images they post, maybe you’ll be able to recognize something and go from there.

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Although Pipl is an American company, the information it holds is international.

The online platform is used to help identify a given person’s social media accounts across the internet, using just their name, location, email address, username or phone number (note that they require a location, not an address). However, due to the fact that it’s an American site, Aussie users might not be able to enter phone numbers… but as far as we know locations, names, emails and usernames work fine.Google, Yahoo! or Bing should be one of the first tools you use to find a person, as their results can be filtered by date to reveal only the latest information


6. Google

Google, Yahoo! or Bing should be one of the first tools you use to find a person, as their results can be filtered by date to reveal only the latest information posted online. With that being said, you are unlikely to find any private information about the person you’re looking for unless they’ve accidentally or foolishly listed it on a public domain. You’re more likely to find their social accounts, personal websites or mentions of them in forums or company pages. Nonetheless, using any information you find here, coupled with any or all of the above can be of some use if you’ve turned up nothing else otherwise.

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