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Why You Should Run Background Checks on Your Love Interest

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Elite Singles, Helium, Match, and Bumble – these popular dating apps have made it easier to find a like-minded partner. While free dating sites in Australia enable you to find a romantic partner without hassles, how can you guarantee its completely safe? This is when background checks come into play!

In light of this growing popularity, it’s become reasonably common practice to run relationship background checks. In fact, the South Australian government launched a program in 2019, enabling people to check the potential domestic violence history of their partners.

When it comes to an online dating background check, it’s best to hire a reputable private investigator. These professionals can run background checks at a multi-state level and collect information through relevant sources.

Some people conduct background checks before their first date. However, this practice makes you seem paranoid and you may end up violating their privacy. Therefore, many private investigators suggest taking this route when you need assurance before committing to a long-term relationship or marriage.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you may consider running background checks on your love interest

Potential Criminal Record

You get to learn a great deal about a person when you start living with them. But not everyone notices the red flags when they get in a relationship.

What if they hid a violent criminal record from you?

What if they were involved in major crimes in the past?

It’s true that a person can turn over a new leaf. But you may want to know about their past to ensure your love interest is honest with you regarding their past record.

Domestic Violence History

25% of women and 1% of men in Australia suffer at the hands of their partner every year. With the help of relationship background checks, you can ensure that your romantic partner was never reported in the past for domestic abuse.

It’s true that not every domestic crime is reported to authorities and some people can still become violent despite their clean record. But this precautionary measure can reduce the risk of facing violent behavior from a spouse after marriage.

Verify Their Identity

While free dating sites in Australia have made it convenient to find a partner, you can’t blindly place your faith in dating site profiles. Many people lie about their age, residence, and financial status. In fact, identity theft is a common concern where people may pose as someone else by stealing their private information.

Honesty and trust are the keys to building a lasting and strong relationship. But you may get suspicious at times and decide to run background checks. Through this background check, you can determine whether or not your partner lied to you about their background and history.

Private investigators can collect evidence regarding their actual name, age, education, place of birth, and other important factors via reliable sources.

Confirm Their Marital Status

Whether you have recently begun dating or planning to marry your love interest, you may want to know about their marital status. You can directly ask your partner, but their suspicious behavior may lead you to run relationship background checks.

Background check investigations can help you dig into the following details:

  • Whether your partner is single
  • If they are divorced
  • If they have had children

You can’t legally tie the knot if your love interest is already married.

Financial Records

Your financial matters become one the moment you marry your love interest. You don’t want to face financial issues due to the bad financial record of your partner. Thus, you may consider running a background check to ensure whether they were honest with you about their assets and credit history. You can also check if they have obtained a loan or filed for bankruptcy.

What if you decide to jointly purchase a house with your spouse, but their credit score is too low? Also, what if they have a history of loan repayment defaults? Not only does it affect your financial matters, but it can also impact your relationship and marriage.

On the other hand, you can plan accordingly if you are aware of their financial records beforehand. You may sign a prenuptial agreement and deal with potential issues in an appropriate manner.

Get Peace of Mind

online dating background check, relationship

Relationships are all about supporting each other. But what if you excessively worry about whether they lied to you about their past. You should trust your partner, but there are times when it’s better to conduct an exclusive background check to provide you with peace of mind.

It gives you the assurance that your spouse didn’t hide critical details from you. You can confirm their marital status, financial standing, and other personal information.

You can share your concerns you may have with a professional private investigator. They will collect effective evidence through a variety of techniques to address your concerns. This way, you can achieve peace of mind and focus on your relationship instead of worrying about the behavior and past of your partner.


The idea of running relationship background checks may cross your mind if your partner starts acting suspiciously. But it may be a good idea to run background checks before you and your love interest commit to a longer-term relationship or marriage.

These background checks can reveal a plethora of information about your partner such as criminal record, financial matters, and past marriages. It helps you ensure that they didn’t hide their past from you and reduces the risk of facing issues down the track.

However, doing so without the knowledge of your partner can negatively affect your relationship. Both you and your partner may opt for background checks to strengthen your relationship.

Click here to get more information about online dating background checks.

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