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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Why You Should Hire a PI to Help with Child Custody Battles

Why a PI Should Help You with Child Custody Battles:

During child custody battles, a private investigator from Precise Investigation could be an invaluable tool in helping you win your case. A parent is not able to spend every moment with a child to ensure that any Federal Court orders are not broken. Many parents denied visitation rights find themselves becoming desperate to see their children, so they search for a way around the court order.

Violating Court Orders

One of the most common ways a parent circumvents court orders during a child custody battle is by having the grandparents of the child or children to ask for visitation, with the promise that the parent, typically the father, will not be there. The child or children will come over for a sleepover, only to find their parent there.

In addition to breaking court orders, this can cause the child or children undue stress. Custody battles already can be difficult for children to understand and deal with it. When they see a parent they are not allowed to see, it can cause further confusion, and depending on the situation, it can put the child in harm’s way.

How a Private Investigator Can Help

Hiring a private investigator from Precise Investigation helps you keep your child safe. The investigator will monitor the child to help ensure he or she does not come in contact with the parent he or she is not allowed to see. They will also provide evidence for the courts if this happens, strengthening your case for the court.

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