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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Where to Look for a GPS Bug on Your Car If You Think You’re Being Tracked

Where to Look for a GPS Bug on Your Car:

Even though most of us would never expect to be tracked, there are a few occasions where you might consider having a look under or around your car before pulling away.

It could be that you had a “crazy” ex-boyfriend or girlfriend – you know, the ones that block their number and call you up at 2am, or run into you while you’re out and about a little too often. Either that, or you’re just a bit paranoid… or a criminal…

Nonetheless, here are a few pointers on where to find bugs on your car:

1) The Magnetic GPS

These are usually relatively large devices that stick to your car using a powerful magnet. It’s the kind of bug you’d most likely see in big-budget action films. Just like in the movies, these GPS trackers would usually be found under your car, simply because they’re so big that you’d notice them from a mile away if they were placed anywhere else. With that in mind, just check under the trunk (boot) or your car, as this would be the easiest place to put it, and also around the underside of the doors. For reasons, best explained by physics, GPS signals are boosted as the trackers near the road surface, which is another good reason that they’d be under your car.

The guys who tend to stick these on don’t want to spend ages trying to put them somewhere clever, so you’d find them pretty easily if you actually had a look.

2) The Coin-sized Bugs

The complete opposite to the larger, magnetic GPS trackers; these little bugs are much smaller and usually involve some kind of tape or glue to attach them to a car. Because they’re smaller, they’ll often be hidden somewhere less obvious too, like under a wheel arch, by your tailpipe, behind your spare tyre, behind your grill or even just under one of your side mirrors (yep, how often would you think to look there!?).

3) The Wired Bug

If you spot one of these, then you should be asking yourself what you did wrong. It usually takes a technical professional to put one of these in your car as they have to be hard-wired in, either on or around your battery, or somewhere else under the bonnet. If the guys installing them have a lot of time, they can even be installed in the dashboard, behind lights or anywhere in the cockpit.

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, spotting them isn’t the easiest of things to do either. There are a number of places you can take your vehicle to undergo a proper sweep, but you could also consider the services of a Private Investigator. Not only are we tasked with installing them, but we’re good at finding and removing them too.

4) The Mobile Phone

This is the most common type of bug that you’re likely to find amongst “normal” people. There are a number of apps available that can help you to “find your lost phone”, and most of them rely on your mobile device’s GPS to transmit their locations. From there, you just need a computer, and you’re able to see, within a few metres, the exact whereabouts of your phone.

Taking that into account, a jealous partner, worried parent or nosey boss could purposely leave their phones in your car, in your bag or even in your pocket and simply log on from their homes, and see where you are.

It’s not a bad idea to double check that everything you have with you is yours, and just have a quick peak under car seats, in foot wells (where your feet go in the car), in the boot or the any other internal compartments.

Precise Investigation is proud to offer some of Australia’s most successful surveillance, counter-surveillance and bug sweeping services. If you feel that you may have been bugged, or you’re interested in finding out where someone really is, then get in touch with us.

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