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When to hire someone for an office or commercial bug sweep and who to hire?

Data security is ultra-important in the modern age, and all businesses do everything they can to avoid being hacked so this data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

While we focus on protecting all of the new technologies and innovations that we use in offices and commercial premises, it is essential to remember the old methods people used to steal data, including surveillance devices.

These devices commonly referred to as bugs, are used to record conversations which can then be used against you. They are still very much a problem in 2021, and technology makes these devices smaller and more challenging to detect, so often you will need professional assistance to locate them.

What is bug sweeping?

Because these bugging devices are readily available on the internet, there is a high risk that disgruntled employees (past and present), competitors, criminals etc. can easily install these bugs in your office.

They are almost impossible to detect by the average person and can be incredibly damaging if the one-sided conversations are made public or made available to your competition.

Bug sweeping is the process of thoroughly checking your premises using the latest technology to detect these devices and have them removed.

How can I tell if my office or commercial premises is bugged?

Unfortunately, most people don’t realise they have been bugged until the stolen information is used against them. You can run some checks to detect these devices, like turning off all the lights and looking for tiny white, red or coloured lights that could be present in cheaper bugs. If there are any unusual sounds on your phone line, have them investigated. You can also inspect any new or unique items that have been placed on your premises.

These devices are highly sophisticated in the modern age and can be extremely small and hard to detect. Because they are so easy to purchase, anyone who wants to run surveillance on your operations can do so, and it can be tough to see the devices being used. That is why it is good to turn to the professionals for regular bug sweeping to ensure your office or commercial premises are secure.

Who should I hire to do a bug sweep?

Precise Investigation has an experienced team of fully qualified experts who have all the skills and experience to run full bug sweeping operations. We have access to the latest technologies that will quickly and easily locate any bugs in your office or commercial space, including reaching into the smallest and most challenging access areas where tiny recording devices might be present.

Our team understands the technologies that people are using and their techniques to make them undetectable, so if anyone is listening, we will find out. Speak to our team today about routine bug inspections for your peace of mind.

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