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What Can a Private Investigator Do For Me?

Here’s a list of 101 things that we, as Private Investigators, can do for you.

We have experience across a wide and diverse spectrum of cases and, as such, we approach each with the appropriate means, tools and skills to ensure a successful investigation.

Our Private Investigators Can:

  1. Reveal a date of birth
  2. Find out someone’s real name
  3. Find an existing address
  4. Uncover previous addresses
  5. Identify and confirm TFNs, ABNs and more
  6. Find birth certificates and records
  7. Locate a person’s death records
  8. Find marriage records
  9. Locate divorce records
  10. Go through someone’s rubbish
  11. Find a beneficiary for a probate proceeding
  12. Investigate current and / or historical property holdings
  13. Identify and/or confirm mortgage information
  14. Identify and/or confirm secured lenders
  15. Identify and/or confirm related party property transactions
  16. Determine current market value of real estate and property
  17. Find bankruptcy filings
  18. Recover and analyse bankruptcy records
  19. Expose improper relationships
  20. Find federal civil lawsuits
  21. Find federal criminal records
  22. Recover and analyse federal civil and criminal records
  23. Find criminal arrest records
  24. Recover mug shots from detainment records
  25. Provide professional, independent analysis on data, records and more
  26. Review and analyse criminal records
  27. Offer peace of mind
  28. Retrieve home phone numbers
  29. Retrieve mobile phone numbers
  30. Identify the owner of a phone number
  31. Determine the owner(s) of a given corporation
  32. Recover and analyse corporate records
  33. Find current or former executives
  34. Interview and review current or former executives
  35. Locate and recover judgment and lien filings
  36. Research and uncover family history
  37. Connect the dots
  38. Find witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
  39. Interview witnesses for a given lawsuit
  40. Locate assets
  41. Locate current or historical boat registrations
  42. Locate current or historical aircraft registrations
  43. Find hidden or secret holdings
  44. Provide business intelligence
  45. Tactful intelligence gathering
  46. Analyse and determine connections between parties
  47. Retrieve bank account information
  48. Find runaway employees
  49. Interview rogue employees
  50. Find significant inheritances
  51. Make things clear
  52. Discover a will for an estate
  53. Find probate records
  54. Discover foreign assets
  55. Find regulatory records
  56. Identify regulatory actions
  57. Review professional licenses
  58. Analyse prior disciplinary records for professional licenses
  59. Determine state and federal political contributions
  60. Identify state lobbyist records
  61. Identify federal lobbyist records
  62. Discover and identify possible whistleblowers
  63. Analyse expert witnesses
  64. Analyse industry sources
  65. Gather industry intelligence
  66. Discover related party business transactions
  67. Recover and analyse non-profit financial filings
  68. Go door knocking
  69. Obtain and analyze Department Form Filings
  70. Submit specific requests to government agencies
  71. Find driving record history
  72. Locate current vehicle registrations
  73. Locate historical vehicle registrations
  74. Make you feel great
  75. Resolve the current market value of motor vehicles
  76. Help with jury selection
  77. Perform background checks on prospective jurors
  78. Review documents for potential fraud
  79. Determine Risks
  80. Determine and Analyse corporate relationships
  81. Give you an edge over your competitors
  82. Locate corporate files
  83. Research and investigate foreign corporations
  84. Provide assistance during sensitive situations
  85. Research and investigate overseas litigation
  86. Determine stock ownership
  87. Uncover the truth
  88. Find online resumes
  89. Discover online networking profiles
  90. Uncover historical video or news footage
  91. Perform historical newspaper research
  92. Perform mobile or stationary surveillance
  93. Conduct clandestine operations
  94. Locate undisclosed ties
  95. Recover and Analyse Tax Court cases
  96. Find a missing person
  97. Determine and review education history
  98. Determine and review previous employment history
  99. Scour the web
  100. Investigate presence on social networks or message boards
  101. Provide photographic evidence

So, if you need a professional Private Investigator to help you with any of the above, or something a little different, then give us a call.

Precise Investigation has detectives in cities all around the country; Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and many more.

Call Precise Investigation today on 1300 856 011 for a professional, Private Investigation Service

We’re here to help.

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