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Scammers tap into AirBnB’s Website to Steal From Clients:

We hate to be the bearers of bad news but, yet again, scammers are finding new ways to invade people’s lives and steal their hard-earned cash.

AirBnB is an online portal that people use to find cheap, short-term accommodation throughout the world’s favourite holiday locations. Whether you want to stay in Sydney for a few nights or jet off to Hawaii for three weeks, you’re likely to find the perfect place to stay, at much lower rates than a hotel of the same standard.

AirBnB has grown to become an incredibly popular tool for that very reason.

Taking into account that people don’t question a lot of information that they find online, especially when it’s coming from a “reputable” source, it’s no wonder than scammers have turned their attention to the AirBnB website.

Over the weekend, an Australian family had planned a relatively expensive trip to New York in celebration of Aunt Heather Smith’s 70th Birthday.

The holiday was organised by her niece, Alana Scott, aged 32, who envisioned an 11-day vacation, staying in a luxury, New York Tribeca loft, only to discover that after she paid $7,000 AUD for the trip, that the apartment was not for rent and the person she’d dealt with had disappeared.

A report states that AirBnB admitted to the fact that they never employ proper background checks on the people or properties that they advertise and, as such, are never 100% certain that their customers are going to get what they pay for.

While we understand how easy it is for most people to navigate the web without being taken for a ride, it’s dually important to note that there is always a chance that the same website you visit everyday can be duplicated and presented to you as if it were normal when, in fact, it’s just a clever copy that’s aimed at stealing your money or personal information.

As AirBnB should have done, and now should really consider implementing for the future, running a detailed, professional background check could have saved the Scott family $7,000.

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