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6 Ways a Professional Private Investigator Can Help Your Business:

Precise Investigation has stood at the forefront of Private Investigations within Australia for thirty years. In that time, we’ve served a great many clients from all walks of life – suspicious husbands, worried wives, small businesses, international brands and government bodies have all seen the benefits of a truly professional private investigation.

However, while our work is greatly appreciated once it’s been employed, we have always found that the vast majority of people, especially those with a little less expendable income, find it hard to justify using a private eye to resolve their domestic or corporate issues. Unfortunately, we have Hollywood to blame for this as we are constantly portrayed as proud law-breakers with a sweet tooth for vengeance.

Thankfully, this is not the case.

Professional Private Investigators should carry a license to perform their duties, a license that would have been acquired through years of dedication and a deep understanding of the inner workings of the industry. Understanding the limitations of the law and using those restrictions to our advantage is a key skill that any private eye should hone.

So, what can a Private Investigator do for you or your business, and why should you consider the service? Well, here’s the first six things that came to mind:

1 – Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of fraud
Looking over any number of our previous articles will help you to gain a further insight into how dangerous fraud can be. Most recently, our expertise was employed by a leading property development company to recover $180,000 lost to a fraudster. Had that company employed us before hiring their new bookkeeper, they’d have saved themselves nearly $200,000 and a lot of time.

2 – Locating An Individual Or Asset
While this mind sound like an ad on the side of a milk carton, there are numerous reasons as to why you might need to locate someone. Employees call in sick all the time, and sometimes, a little surveillance can go a long way in helping to determine the real reasons for their continual absence from work. People in debt, people with something to hide and those who have done you wrong, all have a reason to flee the scene… a Professional Private Investigator can help you to track and trace their whereabouts and go on to instigate any number of services on your behalf.

3 – Following Up On Corporate or Insurance-Related Claims
We have successfully helped hundreds of clients, from large multi-national corporations to small, 5-man bands, to clarify and evaluate claims made for or against them. We can successfully and lawfully gather evidence to assist in workplace injury matters, benefit claims, tax evasion scams and a wide range of associated legal proceedings.

4 – Improving Your Business’ Productivity
Through applying our pre-employment review services (A.K.A Background Checks) to your recruitment process is a sure-fire way to quickly and efficiently determine whether the facts on a given person’s résumé are indeed facts. These days we find that a growing number of people falsify their documents and lie on their résumés under the pretence that they will never be checked. Don’t let yourself fall into this trap and end up hiring someone who ultimately can’t do the job.

5 – Determine The Authenticity Of A Deal
So, you’ve recently been offered a fantastic new partnership with a company you’ve never heard of… but they seem to know what they’re talking about and apparently have the cash to back their claims. Not necessarily. Over the years, there have been a growing number of cases where people invest in or agree to work with other companies, thinking that they’ve partnered up with industry revolutionists, only to find a few months later that they actually had very little understanding of the industry in question. As such, their ignorance brought themselves and their partners crumbling to the ground. We have a specialist service in place that’s specifically aimed at performing genuine due diligence on potential partners, associates and even high-ranking executives.

6 – Understanding Your Competition
Precise Investigation can tailor our corporate investigation services to your needs and, while we will always abide by the law and remain true to industry regulations, sometimes a little “sneaking” around can come in handy. If you feel that your competitors are gaining an unfair advantage over you or perhaps they’re doing something dodgy to get their foot in the door, we can obtain the evidence you need to stop them in their tracks or give your own business the same flare. Either way, being able to know what your competition is up to is a versatile and highly appreciated service that most businesses can benefit from.

Further to the basic services listed above, Precise Investigation offers an all-embracing range of domestic investigation services to suit. Whether you suspect your partner of having an affair, whether you need evidence for child custody or you’ve made a claim against a company that’s just not going anywhere, we can help.

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If you would like to explore our range of services, whether you require expertise in the commercial sector or assistance at home, please have a look at the following pages:

Our homepage presents a list of our most frequently requested services, which you can find by clicking here.

Our Corporate Services page lists the full range of corporate investigation services on offer and gives an insight into how each of those services can be specifically tailored to your particular case. Click here to visit our corporate services page.

Our Domestic Services page showcases all of the investigation services we offer in regards to personal matters. There’s a long list to choose from, but to have a look and see for yourself what a professional private investigator can do, please click here.

Regardless of where you’re based in Australia, Precise Investigation can have a qualified, licensed and highly experienced field operative, with dedicated support team, available to assist you. Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and even the more remote areas of the country are all within our reach – if you need a private investigator today, please get in touch.

We look forward to being able to offer you some real peace of mind and a can-do attitude that’ll help you get to the bottom of your troubles… no matter how convoluted, confidential or deep those troubles may be.

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