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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Sex Lies and All Caught on Video Tape

Sex, Lies and All Caught on Video Tape:

When you think of hiring a private investigator to follow someone… you think criminal acts, missing persons, fraud… that sort of thing… right? You don’t think of spying on your own family, much less your own children. Or do you?

Well, according to one of our recent cases, the answer is yes. That’s right! Here at Precise Investigation our team was hired to work with a family that was being torn apart, as one daughter became entangled in Melbourne’s deep dark underground world.

The case goes like this…

The Gardeners were your typical husband and wife who just wanted the best for their 25-year-old daughter Jacqui, hence why they provided her with a rental property in Melbourne’s CBD. The apartment was their way of supporting Jacqui while she completed her studies and worked her way through uni. Like any loving parents they thought the financial help would provide Jacqui with some stability while she focused on finding herself a stable job and ultimately got herself all set up. They thought they were helping to give her the best start in life.

Boy, were they wrong! Soon after Jacqui moved into her two-bedroom loft her parents started to grow suspicious as things increasingly didn’t add up; things weren’t right. Jacqui wasn’t her usual self; she had become distant and agitated. Far from what they expected given that the apartment was supposed to take a weight off Jacqui’s shoulders, not weigh her down. While she wasn’t herself, they couldn’t put their finger on what had changed their once-innocent daughter.

Was she on drugs? Was she caught up in the wrong crowd? As suspicion grew to concern, the Gardeners knew they had to do something. The question was what? What could they do?

Before they approached Jacqui the Gardeners decided it was best to get their facts straight and find out the truth. After all, they knew things weren’t right but they didn’t actually know what was wrong. That’s when Precise Investigation stepped in to help. The Gardener’s hired our team of professional investigators to find out where things had gone wrong for Jacqui and why had she changed for the worse.

To help set things straight we employed every trick in the book. We had Jacqui in our sights and didn’t stop following her until we knew everything there was to know – including where she was, what she was doing, and with who she was doing it with. Our hard work soon paid off as we started to uncover Jacqui’s life layer by layer, fast proving that her parents were indeed right and had every cause for concern.

As it turns out, our investigation had uncovered that Jacqui had indeed fallen in with the wrong crowd and had turned to a life of hard drugs and crime. Much to the Gardener’s horror, their daughter had even turned to prostitution to support her new habit. Worse still, such criminal acts were taking place in a city loft being funded by them.

Thanks to our fast and efficient work, the Gardeners now had all the facts and proof they needed to approach Jacqui about what was going on, and they felt confident in doing so.

Turns out that their decision to employ a PI was just what the Gardeners needed. After a long road of recovery and open communication Jacqui was able to source the help she needed, which just goes to show how vital our work is.
The day we found the answers for the Gardeners could very well be the day we saved their daughter’s life.

PLEASE NOTE: To protect the privacy of our clients, all names and addresses have been changed to protect the innocent and the accused. We have chosen fictitious names, addresses and photographs to represent real people and their stories.

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