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Private Investigators – Precise Blog -SCAM Targeting Small Businesses

New Scam Targeting Small Australian Businesses:

SCAMwatch, one of Australia’s leading anti-fraud information hubs, published an interesting case where we can see, full-well, how elaborate certain scams can be and how those scams target small businesses.

In 2005, a small bed and breakfast in South Australia, nearly fell victim to clever scam that could, potentially, have involved money laundering and a police inquiry to suit.

Lynne, who runs the B&B, received a booking request through her website, from Indonesia. The enquiry claimed to have come from a travel agency in Bali, who wanted to book a stay in Lynne’s B&B for two couples, for two weeks each.

Emails about the agency’s “Japanese clients” went back and forth over a few weeks, and Lynne started to grow suspicious, as the travel agent seemed to become more indifferent to their clients’ interests as time went on.

The travel agency then went on to provide Lynne with “their clients’” credit card details, to pay the entire fee for the trip upfront and, as a result, requested that Lynne simply transfer their commission once the payment had been made.

Luckily, the credit card didn’t work, and it was then that Lynne decided to cut the conversation short – things didn’t smell right.

A good Private Investigator can help you and your business in a number of ways, if you suspect someone of acting dishonestly or maliciously.

Whether you run a business or you’re an employee, scams like this one can result in job loss, company termination and bankruptcy, so it’s important to know, for sure, what you’re getting in to.

The trick is to spot when you’ll need a private investigator – sometimes it’s just a matter of time before the scammers make their way into your pockets and sometimes the damage has already been done. Employing a Private Investigator whenever you’re unsure about someone or something is a sure-fire way to protect yourself and your assets.

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