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The very first thing you should do when you need to locate a missing person is to contact the police – in every instance. The authorities are exceptionally well-trained and adept at locating missing people and should always be the first port of call.

However, the police are not your only option. You can greatly assist in the location of a missing person by also enlisting the services of a private investigator that is highly specialised in this field. These professionals – like our team – can provide crucial insights to you and the investigation.

As soon as a person is missing, report it to the police immediately. The chances of locating someone who has disappeared drops as time goes by and – contrary to popular belief – you do not have to wait 24 hours to make a report. This is especially the case if the person is a child, elderly or vulnerable. From there, you can reach out to a private investigator to gain further support.

Sometimes, though, people have been missing for a long period of time. Perhaps there were no suspicious reasons for their disappearance, or they wanted to walk away from a situation where they didn’t want to be found. In other cases, usually caused by distance or time, you may no longer have contact with someone you need to be in touch with.

In all of these scenarios, a private investigator can help you locate a missing person through a range of advanced measures.

Private investigators have large networks to support their search

Most private investigators come from long careers with the police force or other agencies where locating individuals as part of their job. Over those years, they have put together large networks of professionals, and a firm like Precise Investigation pools these networks together to form a powerful resource in these cases.

A better option for those that do not want to be found

When it comes to criminal cases, potential abductions, or situations where a person is missing out of character (and could be hurt), police investigations are essential. But what about cases where people disappear willingly and do not want to be found?

Police resources only stretch so far, and they are not going to prioritise the location of a person who is not likely to be missing because of foul play or harm. A private investigator is your best bet in locating someone who may have gone astray on their accord. So, if you are looking for a lost family member, a debtor, someone who has wronged you, or for other reasons, a private investigator is your best course of action.

Using skip-tracing methods to help deliver results and find missing persons

Police are not the only agencies seeking missing persons. Debt collection agencies are always using advanced methods to locate people who have “skipped town” on their debts. These are people that actively do not want to be found and are very difficult to track down.

When a person will not answer calls or emails, does not live at a provided address, and basically has no contact details available, skip tracing methods are used to find them. But in the modern world, it is very difficult for a person to be 100 percent invisible and off the grid.

Skip tracing involves the process of checking credit reports for signs of activity, public records, loan and job applications, background checks that have been put out on the missing person, court records, utility bills, and more. It also involves contacting known contacts of the missing person. With all of this data, missing people can be located, and skip tracing is a method that Precise Investigation excels in.

Our team will also employ location investigation specialists, modern technologies – like web crawling and data mining – military and paramilitary tactics, as well as police strategies for a detailed and thorough search network that is highly likely to reap rewards.

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