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Sugar Mama Scandal Exposed:

Many of us have heard the term, “Sugar Mama,” and we often associate it with a woman who’s come into money and, at a later stage of her life, decides that she’d like the company of younger men.

The thought processes you go through, if you were to consider what being a “Sugar Mama” might be like, would probably make you feel inclined to believe that the ladies in question are sleazy, desperate or even perverted.

There’s no evidence to suggest that you’d be wrong, but what if you were to consider the same notion from a different point of view?

Imagine a lady that you see everyday – maybe she drops by the same café as you every morning, does her grocery shopping at the same time as you or maybe she even works with you. She’s a good-looking gal in her mid 40s and she’s been married for nearly half of her life.

One day, her husband decides to leave her.

She continues her day-to-day life, keeping her head up and silently hoping that she won’t spend the rest of her days alone when, just a few months later, a charming young man in the same café, supermarket or office, plucks up the courage to ask her on a date.

Being an attractive woman, it’s understandable that most single men would feel interested and, more than that, you know that she’s a sweet person.

So, with that in mind, let’s focus on our newest case.

Our client, Samantha Stewart, a 46-year-old accountant at a reputable financial institution, was growing concerned that her partner, a 25-year-old man by the name of James Wilson, was having an affair.

Samantha had worked her way through the ranks and made herself a more than decent living, having spent nearly 10 years at the firm, and, given her social standing, had little to spend it on other than the occasional short vacation and family Christmases.

Her heart told her that things between her and James were “too good to be true,” she constantly questioning why he could possibly be interested in her and convinced herself that if she wanted to keep the romance alive, she’d have to prove her worth.

As such, despite the passion that they shared, Samantha also thought to spoil James with a gift here and there, the latest of which was a brand-new, German sports car.

Having poured more than just her heart into their relationship, Samantha started to grow concerned about James’ “after work” commitments, his prolonged gym sessions and his ever increasing “need” to party with his friends.

So, in an attempt to set her mind straight and assure herself that everything was fine, Samantha hired Precise Investigation to follow James for a day or two.

Within just a few hours, our Private Investigators had the evidence they needed; James was spotted, with a group of his friends, going into a nightclub in Melbourne’s city centre. Samantha was aware of the arrangement, but had no idea of what the night would entail.

The group left the club with three other women that they seemed to have met inside. From there, they visited another two venues before James and one of the women decided to head to his flat, just outside the CBD.

By employing our tried and tested surveillance techniques, our Private Eyes were able to capture both video and photographic evidence of James’ romantic embraces with his new found temptress; a sporty brunette, not much older than himself.

Our “Sugar Mama” may have suspected that the relationship wouldn’t work for very long, but she had no idea that James’ didn’t intend on maintaining it at all.

Kisses, intimate groping and a walk up the stairs to James’ bedroom was all the evidence Samantha needed to make her decision to end the relationship.

PLEASE NOTE: To protect the privacy of our clients, all names, figures and addresses have been changed to protect the innocent and the accused. We have chosen fictitious names, addresses and photographs to represent real people and their stories

Thank you – Image credit: Merel Schoneveld

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