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Always Going One Step Further:

Private Investigators are often thought of as being the “mysterious detective” type, you know, the kind of guy who wears a long, grey trench coat with a matching Fedora, and never leaves home without his trusty magnifying glass.

…Hollywood never really made it clear how their Private Eyes were always so inconspicuous… I’d think a guy dressed like that was probably up to something fishy, if you asked me!

Well, as much as we’d all love to relive the 50s, times have changed and, along with time, so have people and the way they go about their “business.”

Precise Investigation, and all of our professional, Private Investigators, take great pride in our abilities to deliver on and above our clients’ expectations. We continue to improve, develop and maintain an incredibly high standard in service as a direct result of keeping with the times.

Gone are the days of tape recorders and notepads – we live in a society where fraud, lies and deceit are ever-evolving, taking on more intricate twists and sharper turns in an attempt to throw off potential snoops.

As such, our Private Investigators reach into a wealth of military and security-related experience, bringing with them a number of tried and tested surveillance techniques that most would never even think to consider.

Take the old Ghillie suit for example; it sure makes a great Halloween costume, but it was actually developed for military use during covert operations, giving soldiers the ability to blend into their surroundings and move from point to point, undetected.

It’s not uncommon for our Private Investigators to dig them out when they know that their next suspect is going to be a little trickier to follow.

Better yet, in this day and age, with fraudsters focused on suspicious vans or guys taking pictures from a neighbouring house, a Ghillie suit gives the perfect cover and allows our operatives to get much closer to the suspect.

Precise Investigation has a vast network of ex and Para-military personnel at hand, who regularly train and educate our Investigators. This gives our team a major advantage over both our suspects and our competition.

By employing Precise to run your investigation, you can rest assured that you’ll gain access to industry-leading skill sets and a broad range of specialised techniques to match, with every case.

Whether you’re hoping to uncover company theft, insurance fraud, corporate espionage, a dishonest business partner or even a cheating spouse, Precise Investigation will use the most effective means to expose the truth and put your mind at ease.

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One call to Precise Investigation can change your life – even if you think you might be wrong about someone, but you can’t help but feel there’s something suspicious going on, hiring us will help you get to the bottom of your troubles.

We have operatives based across Australia, including major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane, so we’re right on your doorstep.

Call us today on 1300 856 011 and see what a professional Private Investigator can do for you.

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