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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Our Daughter’s Facebook Brag Cost us $80,000

Our Daughter’s Facebook Brag Cost Us $80,000:

We came across an interesting story that we thought we’d share with you, about how one post on social media can change your life for the worse.

Many people dismiss the idea of posting personal information on social media channels such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, as “safe” or “not important”. They think that way simply because they’ve never given any thought to who might be looking at what they post, or what people are going to do with that information… other than their friends “liking” and commenting, obviously.

Despite it being dangerous to share personal information over the Internet, posting on social media can also have other negative effects, and those effects aren’t necessarily as a result of malicious people either.

Here we have a case where the daughter of a high-school headmaster ended up costing her father an $80,000 (USD) settlement that he’d won from his previous employer, simply by bragging about it on Facebook.

Yahoo’s CA news has the full story for you, right here – just click this link to read it!

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