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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Is Your Identity Thief Hiding in Your Family Tree

Is Your Identity Thief Hiding in Your Family Tree?

Identity theft is a serious crime that can often leave victims under heavy financial strain, disrepute or worse.

Many people are blissfully unaware of the dangers associated with identity theft and assume that they’re unlikely to be targeted. Added to that, imagine for a moment, what you would expect an identity theft to look like – who are they? Where are they? You’d probably think that a successful identity thief is a sophisticated hacker, working from a basement somewhere in Russia or Nigeria… but you’d be wrong.

Identity thieves can be closer to home than you think. In fact, identity thieves can even be a co-worker, a close friend or even a brother, sister or parent!

We found an article over on, which investigates the notions behind family or socially-related identity theft and the reasons behind why the thieves instigate the crimes in the first place. Take a look; just click here to read it.

Precise Investigation can offer a wide range of surveillance and evidence gathering services that can help you to uncover identity theft and stop it from ruining your life.

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