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Identity Theft is Still Very Much Alive:

…and a very serious problem!

CIB detectives have recently charged a 34-year-old, Parra Hills-based man with over 20 counts of fraud and deception following his arrest on Monday.

The man created numerous false identities and used those guises as a means to infiltrate strangers’ online profiles before going on to steal their identities. The man, whose name has still not been released, used his victim’s personal information to buy goods and services valued at approximately $60,000 over a 12-month period.

The idea that identity theft “can’t happen to me” is a dangerous notion to consider – this news, in itself, comes as a very good example as to how easy it can be for people we don’t know, to infiltrate our lives and reap our information for their own good.

Identity theft in Australia is rife and, albeit not reported that often, many people who fall victim to it feel powerless to prevent it – this is simply not the case. Preparing yourself and using the internet wisely is your foremost defence; just read our article titled, “Stop Posting Everything About Your Life On Facebook” and you’ll quickly understand the dos and don’t of using social media. You can find the article by clicking here.

Identity theft can affect more than just your private life too – people have been known to use fake identities to gain high-ranking positions at leading Australian businesses, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damages and long-lasting harm to those companies’ reputations. It is a crime that should be taken very seriously indeed. In fact, according to the Australian Federal Police’s website, identity theft costs Australians an estimated $15 Billion every year.

Precise Investigation has helped numerous clients to expose the truth about those around them, whether they’re new business partners, potential employees or even the person you’re thinking of marrying and with every case, our clients have walked away with a genuine sigh of relief at the fact that their minds at now at ease.

If you or someone you know has fallen victim to any form of identity theft, or even if you think you may currently be experiencing the initial stages of the crime, then please get in touch with us immediately.

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You can read more about the story by visiting the Herald Sun’s website or simply by clicking here.


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