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How to Expose a Cheating Partner:

Following on from the ongoing gossip surrounding the Ashley Madison scandal, where hackers have invaded the company’s databases and threated to reveal more than 17 million people’s secret identities, Precise Investigation has decided to give those in need a little help.

Luckily Australians, on the whole, are not notoriously unfaithful… but with that being said, the Sydney Morning Herald has just published a list (originally from Ashley Madison’s statistics), revealing Australia’s Top Cheating Suburbs in Melbourne and Sydney. Yep, not just the top cheating cities, but Suburbs! That just goes to show you how prevalent the issue actually is. You can find the list of cheating suburbs by clicking here.

Having an affair, from the cheater’s perspective, can be an alluring temptation for any number of reasons; loss of interest in their current partner, the thrill of the chase, boredom, innate infidelity (whereby people are just “biologically” incapable of maintaining a monogamous relationship), the fear that their partner is cheating and, sometimes, just because their new love interest appears to be leagues “better” than the one they’re with.

From the cheated-on’s perspective, it’s not quite the same… When your partner decides to have an affair the emotional and psychological consequences can be dire, especially if the relationship has been intense until that point. People can even begin to feel symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and betrayal, just at the very thought that their partners are unfaithful, let alone finding out that they actually are.

With that being said, finding out that your partner is having an affair before the negative consequences really start to kick in, can really help to alleviate the pain and reduce the stress in the long-run. It’s for that reason that we implore you to explore our services if you feel that your partner may be doing the dirty.

While we have already posted several articles regarding the easiest ways to spot lying, and divulge the classic tell-tale signs of a cheating partner, we thought it best to explain, how we can help.

Every investigation carried out by our highly experienced operatives is undertaken on a case by case basis, tailoring every aspect to your individual needs. No two people and no two cases are the same, and over the 28 years that we’ve been exposing lies, we’ve really come to terms with that fact – we work with you to fully understand your partner’s habits and what you expect of them, before going out and exploring their daily activities and providing you with the evidence you’re after. Whether you need a multitude of high-tech equipment deployed throughout your home, their office, their vehicles or general whereabouts, of you prefer a more low-key approach, you can rest assured that our investigations are entirely focused on you and your needs alone.

If you take a look at our infidelity-related services, by clicking here, you can gain a deeper insight into the lengths we go to, to deliver on your expectations – that doesn’t mean to say that we will guarantee to find out that your partner is cheating though! Many times we find that partners are, in fact, being faithful and that news, in itself, is a great way to break the ice and reignite the flame.

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