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How Phone Data Recovery Services Can Help Your Business:

Many Australian businesses, and organisations around the world for that matter, give their employees company mobile phones to use for work purposes.

Some are more lenient and allow for a small amount of personal use, but none would go as far as to give their employees permission to download illegal files, visit illicit websites or call unsavoury places using company assets.

As such, when employees are suspected of using business phones for pleasure, an HR, Accounting or Communications executive might pick up on it and present the data to the relevant manager. When the employee in question is then asked about their actions, they usually go on to delete all of the information from the phones to falsely claim their innocent themselves as innocent.

There have been many cases where employees have done just that, been “forgiven” and gone on to continue using the company’s phones as they see fit. Not only is it against company policy, but it also puts businesses at risk of breaching the law and, as a result, being closed down or heavily fined.

Further to these incidents, and more disturbingly, Precise Investigation has been called upon on numerous occasions to investigate members of staff, within Australian companies, who have been accused of harassment within the workplace.

In some cases, employees have used their business phones to send insulting or hurtful messages to other staff or third parties, to take indecent pictures of colleagues of the opposite sex (or themselves) and send them to other people, or even downloading confidential documents to sell on or share.

When the culprits are reported by colleagues or suspected by management, they simply delete the evidence and continue their malicious ways, rinsing and repeating the process each time.

Precise Investigation offers a very effective Phone Data Recovery service to businesses and individuals alike, that reveals previously deleted or hidden data, including pictures, videos, messages, emails, PDFs, Office documents and much more.

Phone Data Recovery is a simple process that helps companies to uncover the truth and compile the evidence they need.

If you’d like to know more about our Phone Data Recovery services, click here.

Precise Investigation offers clients a host of corporate and personal investigation services, from pre-employment screening to locating missing persons and exposing infidelity. To see what we can do for you, our homepage is a great place to start as it lists our most frequently requested services. Just click here to visit the Precise Investigation homepage.

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