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How a PI can help you find your birth parents

Many Australians grow up never knowing who their birth parents are. There are a number of reasons why this could be the case; you may have been adopted or put into the foster care system by the state as a child. There could be medical reasons why you need to find your biological parents or there could be family issues like a will, court case or other personal reasons that necessitates your need to locate your birth parents.

Whatever the circumstances may be, there comes a point in a lot of people’s lives where they want to locate and meet their birth parents. Their motivations are different, some want to see if they can develop a rapport and a relationship with their birth parents, others want to seek out closure so they can move on with their life. Whatever the reason behind you making this decision, it is an enormous step.

Precise Investigation has the expertise and empathy to operate discreetly and professionally to locate your birth parents, no matter where they may be located after all of these years. But before we reach the point where a private investigator is being sent into the field, we want to work with you to ensure you are certain of this decision, the ramifications of finding your birth parents, your expectations, and your awareness that this could be a complicated and emotionally challenging experience.

Before you enlist the services of a PI, there are some steps you should take first

The very first step is to speak with your family (including your adoptive parents). While this is your journey, it is going to impact other members of your family – especially the ones that raised you. In most cases, you will find they are highly supportive of your decision, but leaving them out of the decision can cause hurt and complicate the process, so do ensure you have discussed this important step with your loved ones first.

Secondly, we advise that you seek out a counsellor and discuss the reasons behind why you want to find your birth parents. Locating your birth parents is going to unlock a lot of emotions, many that could have been repressed for many years. It is best to be totally prepared and mentally armed with the advice of a qualified professional before knocking on the door of your birth parents.

And finally, make peace with your decision. It is perfectly normal to want to know who your birth parents are and to want to meet them for yourself. It is also perfectly normal to feel a range of emotions including guilt around this decision. Speak this through properly with the right people and then make peace within yourself. There are real reasons why you want to know who your birth parents are and no one should make you feel bad for wanting this.

How Precise Investigation can help you locate your birth parents

Our team of expert professionals are highly trained in locating people and will be able to find your birth parents in most cases. We use our extensive networks and databases to discover where they have left digital footprints and use our professional interview techniques to speak to people who may have connected with them to learn more.

Our entire process is highly discreet and is totally legal – we will never bend or break the law to achieve a result. So, speak to one of our members today and get to know how we can assist you in finding your birth parents to give you the closure you need.

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