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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Falsified Job Applications – How to Protect Your Company from a Bogus Resume

How To Protect Your Company from Bogus Résumés:

“53 per cent of resumes and job applications contain falsifications.”

People will often lie when telling the truth won’t get them what they want, such as a job or promotion. That means that your new hire could be a potential liability.

Incidences of people misrepresenting themselves are commonplace, and the consequences can be extreme, from privacy leaks to financially crippling lawsuits.

It is usually difficult to know if someone is being truthful or committing fraud.

A resume rarely states, “I was fired from my job for sexually harassing my co-worker,” or “I wasn’t self-employed for 10 years. I was in prison for aggravated robbery.”

The solution is to hire a private investigator to verify that what you’re being told is accurate. You need to know if your new hire is a ticking time bomb for your company.

Even if a job candidate is accurately representing themselves in their resume or during an interview, you won’t have the full picture. Hiring a private investigator can give you much more of the story, such as information relating to their character, criminal history and their personal beliefs.

It can be very damaging to the image of a company if one of their employees is caught posting racist or sexist comments online.

Hiring a private investigator to thoroughly vet a potential hire can help to avoid public relations nightmares, and most importantly, ensure your employees will uphold the values and standards you are known for.

Has the person been charged with fraud? Are they out starting fights at the bar on the weekends? Have they misrepresented themselves in the business world? Are there multiple lawsuits against them? If so, this is probably not someone you would want in your organization.

Private investigators are trained to sift through information. They verify references, educational backgrounds, conduct criminal record, civil litigation and asset searches. They are skilled at doing extensive online investigations, such as social media searches.

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