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What exactly is a background check?

When a business advertises for a position, they want to know that the candidates are being truthful in their application.

These are becoming more and more common in the modern world to ensure that all of the information being provided by candidates is truthful and meets all of the requirements set out by the employer.

 Background checks can be an arduous process for employers to carry out which is why this process is best out-sourced to the professionals who can carry out these checks thoroughly and quickly.

Each background check will investigate the history of the candidates in line with the expectations and requirements of the job to ensure that the credentials presented by the candidate are truthful and correct. These checks can include:


Unfortunately, there are people out there who falsify their employment record, resumes and work history in a bid to secure higher paid, stable work. This is unfair on all parties because people with real qualifications miss out and employers end up with a lower quality of worker. It also leads to higher staff turnover which brings about its own problems.

When a business has to return to the recruitment process, that equates to lost productivity as that role becomes vacant again and management and HR are taken away from their regular duties to advertise, screen and interview all over again.

A background check will help validate the information supplied by all prospective candidates including where they worked, how long for, their job title and role as well as any misconduct or disciplinary action that has been taken in the past.


This is similar to employment checking because sometimes people will falsify their education history, credentials and accomplishments as well. All of the same problems that apply to false employment records also apply here.

But people who falsify credentials can also be a danger to the workplace. For example, if a worker has claimed they have experience and tickets for driving forklifts, but they do not, they could cause accidents in the workplace that could be devastating.

Criminal records

Employers have a duty of care to their workers to keep them safe and introducing a new worker that has a criminal record could jeopardise that. If the position available clearly states that a clean history is required, then employers are legally allowed to conduct a criminal history check.

Credit history

This is not a requirement for all jobs, but if a prospective worker is required to work with money or other financial matters, you want to know that they are competent and that they can be trusted. A credit report provides an insight into both of these elements and helps an employer determine the best person for the position.

Motor vehicle license record checks

If a worker is required to operate a vehicle or machinery as part of their job, their history is essential so that you know they can be trusted and that they are reliable. If there is an extensive history of traffic offences, drug and / or alcohol offences and loss or suspension of licence, then an employer is going to need to know about it.

These checks can also determine if current motor vehicle, heavy machinery or other licences are valid and not suspended.

Precise Investigation is one of Australia’s most reputable and professional private investigation agencies and we can assist you with background checks for all workers across all industries.

Our team is professional and discrete and will uncover any discrepancies quickly so that you can ensure that you only employ the right person for the job.

Click here to see more information on our background check service.

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