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Australia’s Air Service Officials Prone To Fraud:

Fraud is a notion that many of us tend to dismiss as being, “irrelevant to us” or “something that can’t happen to me.” Sound familiar?

Precise Investigation is at the forefront of fraud investigations, throughout Australia, and we are often confronted with cases in which the suspect is none other than your “Average Joe,” going about their everyday lives in full public view, with nothing to hide

If you met them, you’d think of them as upstanding citizens, or just regular people who go to their 9-5, come home to their husbands or wives and enjoy a quiet weekend barbeque with the kids… just until we dig a little deeper, that is.

Fraudsters can take the form of even the most trusted individuals in our society – take this story for example, where a senior Air Services Manager for one of Australia’s most reputable air services organisations, has just been sentenced to 4 years imprisonment following a serious case of occupational and tax-related fraud.

Andrew Charles Richards, aged 40, admitted to his crimes after the Australian Tax Office grew suspicious of his claims and pressed charges. It was later discovered that Richards had done a great deal more than just falsely claiming a whopping $327,000 in tax – he had even forged his own Air Services paperwork, created a number of fake companies to back his “experience” in the field, and even went as far as to edit his birth certificate and personal documents as a means throw the Police off when reviewing his past employment and personal history.

You can read the whole story about the Air Services Fraud case here.

We would like to stress at this point that had a thorough background check been carried out, it would have quickly become clear that Andrew’s claims were in fact lies.

Background checks are carried out differently, depending on the organisations that run them and the industries in question, so there is no particular “standard” to which they have to comply – it is with great pride that Precise Investigation can offer the most detailed and professionally compiled background checks to give businesses and individuals, alike, the means to make informed decisions regarding a person’s qualifications and personal history.

If you would like to know more about our professional background checks, please click here.

Fraud costs Australian taxpayers an estimated $300 million AUD every year – if you think that someone you know may be hiding the truth, get in touch with us today.

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