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Deception in Marriage Can Have a Happy Ending:

Precise Investigation was recently hired to investigate a concerned woman’s husband after she grew suspicious of his late-night activities.

Lisa, a leading sales rep for a reputable plumbing company in the heart of Melbourne, has been married to Phil for almost 40 years. The ex-military, 6ft 6inch man, at age of 60, had served in the Australian Army for 3 decades before deciding to settle down with Lisa in their suburban, Victorian home.

They had lived a long and happy life together, albeit he spent a lot of time away from home, but when he returned, the two were inseparable. Phil was never very outwardly spoken of his feelings, but Lisa had learned to appreciate every sentiment and grew to become familiar with all of his tell-tale signs of love, stress, happiness, anger, jealousy, sadness, excitement, nervousness and envy.

It’s taking all of this into account that Lisa began to grow suspicious of her husband’s late night activities following his retirement from the service – Phil had often frequented his friends’ houses in the evening to play a few rounds of poker, sometimes coming home a little drunk, but he’d always returned wanting to be close to Lisa when he got into bed.

Lisa’s doubts started to mount as he became less and less willing to cuddle up with her in the evenings, giving excuses like, “my back’s sore” or “it’s really hot tonight” – the kinds of things he’d never said before.

Lisa hired Precise Investigation to carry out a surveillance operation, to follow Phil and track his whereabouts after he left his home one Saturday evening.

Our field operatives found that Phil was actually visiting a much younger lady’s home, no more than 7km away from his and his wife’s house. The lady could not have been older than 30 years old, with stunning features and a Middle-Eastern charm that most men might be tempted by, but to our investigators’ surprise, Phil didn’t seem all that impressed.

Phil seemed to be very uncomfortable with the arrangement, brushing her advances away with his strong hands and appearing to be rather angry when they spoke.

We ran an in-depth background check on the homeowner and uncovered a plethora of information that led us on to an even bigger discovery:

Phil had originally met Samantha, a 29-year old prostitute, on an online dating site, where she had advertised herself as being “keen to discover something new, with someone older” and “wanting to take things slow and not looking for anything too serious.” Phil and Lisa, as she recalls, hit a little speed bump earlier on that year where they felt that things had taken a sharp turn for the worse in their relationship. Phil now admits that he had registered on the site simply to “explore his options” but had never anticipated that he would be meeting up with a professional sex worker. Samantha had never mentioned the fact that she was a prostitute to Phil and always talked about her days in the “office” being arduous and stressful.

Unfortunately, Phil’s biggest mistake was the fact that he actually decided to get into bed with Samantha – it was a mistake because it ended up costing him over $25,000!

The reason that Phil didn’t seem overly happy to be in Samantha’s company was the fact that she was blackmailing him for both sex and money. She knew that Phil was a married man and threatened to tell Lisa about their new relationship if he ever stopped talking to her and helping her to pay her bills.

Our field operatives, coupled with our expert support team were able to uncover all of this information while he and Samantha spoke – there was a very clear paper trail to follow and it exposed a great deal of information, all of which Lisa was unsurprisingly horrified to hear.

As soon as the news reached her ears, Lisa stormed over to the house, opened the unlocked door and proceeded to rip the two away from each other while they were in bed!

She grabbed Phil by the arm and pulled him out of the house and into her car, glaring back at Samantha with stern words as she did so.

After Phil and Lisa had a long conversation about their relationship and Samantha’s involvement, the couple were able to rekindle their flame and forgive each other for their ongoing bickering and the resulting infidelity.

Thanks to Precise Investigation, Phil and Lisa were able to re-evaluate their positions, unimpeded, and build up enough evidence to present to the Court about Samantha’s blackmail scandal.

The two now live in harmony, once again, and Samantha has since relocated. The details of the case are unknown but we are aware that the Police inquiry into Samantha’s activities is still in progress.

We hate to say it, but usually if someone suspects something of someone else, those suspicions are correct – not always exactly as they thought, but there is always something to uncover, be it infidelity, gambling, blackmail, a new-found hobby or any number of activities that would mean less time at home.

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Please note: All names, identities and locations described in this article have been changed as a means to protect the identities of those involved.



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