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Could the Death of a Little Girl Have Been Prevented?

Police have arrested a 31-year-old man, suspected of murdering his 12-year-old stepdaughter, after a family member found the girl’s body in her bedroom. The man was picked up by police in Rutherford, just two hours later, driving the family car in, what is suspected to be, his attempt to flee the scene.

This story is just one of three cases of domestic abuse to emerge over the last week in New South Wales alone; a man was charged with murdering his pregnant wife in Mount Druitt and a woman and her blind baby daughter were found dead in a suspected case of murder suicide in Campsie.

In 2014, roughly 500,000 women reported incidents of physical abuse or sexual violence in Australia and more than a million (1,000,000) women reported to have been sexually or physically abused by their male partners. Furthermore, it is suspected that at least 64% of women who have experienced physical assault and 81% who have suffered sexual assault, did not report the incidents to police.

These statistics are horrifying in themselves, but when considering the outcome of a child custody battle, where one partner believes the other to be an unfit parent, domestic violence is a major factor to take into consideration. Unfortunately, many people with abusive partners are unable to gather the evidence they need to prove that their other halves are, in fact, uncontrollably violent, or they are simply too afraid to come forward.

It is with this little girls’ murder in mind that we wish to remind people, from all backgrounds, that the services of a private investigator can reduce the risks of domestic violence and help to effectively minimise the amount of time an abusive partner spends with their family and children. Precise Investigation has helped hundreds of clients, both male and female, to face the court with enough evidence to prove that their partners are incapable of supporting a child or that they are frequently and unnecessarily violent or abusive.

We have provided our evidence gathering and surveillance services across all states in Australia and, with each new investigation we undertake, our field operatives work with the utmost discretion to ensure that our clients are never suspected of having hired external help. We understand the associated dangers and the potential threat to our clients’ safety in these delicate situations, and we always work to compile the information you need, as quickly, quietly and effectively as possible.

While we whole-heartedly support the services offered by local councils and government bodies that aim to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence, we also understand that reaching out for these services is usually far more difficult than it seems. With one call to Precise Investigation, you can rest assured that we will take every measure to ensure your safety and work to gather the evidence you need to protect yourself and your family from cases of domestic abuse.

Once call to Precise Investigation can change your life and improve your chances of a long and prosperous future.

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Precise Investigation has faithfully served Australian businesses and individuals alike for thirty years and with that experience, we are proud to offer our clients an unrivalled level of customer service whilst ensuring a successful investigation with each and every case we undertake. We have operatives, backed by a dedicated support team, located in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and even the more remote areas of the country, so we’re never far.

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To read more about the Hunter Valley murder, please visit the ABC News website, or click here.

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