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Private Investigators Axe Murder Of Private Investigator

Axe Murder of Private Detective Suggests Police Corruption:

Private detectives’ lives are often likened to what we see on TV and cinema screens; long trench coats, magnifying glasses and the occasional bullet are amongst the many misconceptions. Although these perceptions are a little far from the truth, if a private detective puts a foot wrong, especially in bad company, life can take a very sudden and dramatic turn for the worse.

In 1987, the body of Daniel Morgan, a London-based Private Investigator, was found in car park in Sydenham, London. The details of the murder are still somewhat blurry, however the PI’s family are now looking forward to a new inquiry into the murder. Police corruption is suspected as a major factor in the yet unresolved case.

Initially, four men were charged with Mr. Morgan’s murder in 2008 but following supposed legal failures by prosecutors and the police, the case collapsed in 2011.

Now, more than two years later, a new and independent, judge-led investigation panel aims to explore the history of the Metropolitan Police, a number of former police officers, criminals, private detectives, informants and journalists, all of whom may have been involved to some degree. The investigation will focus on a 750,000-page paper trail that arose as part of five previous inquiries, and the role of Mr. Morgan’s previous employer, Southern Investigations. Evidence suggests that Southern Investigations received payments from a number of newspapers to uncover information, which, in some instances, allegedly came from corrupt police officers.

This link to The Independent, a leading UK-based Newspaper, provides a detailed account of the story.

While Precise Investigation and our private detectives aren’t usually called upon to investigate and uncover police corruption, this case provides food for thought for those based in Melbourne – a city that has seen a recent increase in gang and drug-related murder. Although the majority of Melbourne’s police officers are honest, hard-working people, it should never be assumed that all police are invulnerable to extortion, corruption and bribery.

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