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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Australian Visa Fraud Exposed

Visa Fraud Exposed:

Precise Investigation has worked closely with many government agencies, businesses and individuals throughout the years, assisting them to overcome any number of corporate or private concerns. With that being said, we support and enjoy the positive outcomes of other agencies’ investigations, especially when they help to protect the best interests of our home – Australia.

The Australian Border Force recently undertook an investigation in which a 47-year old woman was found to be exploiting the visa application process, helping people who had already entered Australia to reapply and/or extend their student visas fraudulently.

The Australian Border Force reviews all visa applications, and where any discrepancies may arise, they launch widespread investigations and prosecute where and whenever illegal methods are employed. As such, when the unnamed woman came to submit the fraudulent visa applications, it was discovered that she, along with a group of like-minded individuals, had helped students and other immigrants to list a number of fake job references on their applications, for a fee. Solid job references are amongst the most essential of criteria to support any applications for permanent skilled migration into Australia, therefore providing false references is both dishonest and unfair towards the people that have applied legally.

With that, the woman was sentenced to 18-months in prison and a 3-year “good behaviour bond,” along with having to pay a $2,000 fine to the County Court of Victoria after being convicted of visa fraud yesterday.

Precise Investigation has investigated visa, investment, employment and development applications, amongst a host of corporate affairs and domestic issues over the last thirty years and we can do the same for you and your business. Only a few months ago, we shared a recollection of a similar case to the above, that we carried out. Please feel free to have a read through our blogs to discover more about the investigations we undertake and how we go about ensuring a successful result in every case.

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