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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – 5 things a Private Investigator can do for your business

Protecting Your Companys Best Interests since 1987

Protecting Your Company’s Best Interests since 1987

Businesses in the modern world have more use for Private Investigators now than ever before. Whether it’s through mitigating risk, managing your own security, deliberating commercial opportunities, recovering business information or ensuring legal proceedings go smoothly, a licensed private investigator can provide you with the information you need to make the next big decision the right one. Below, we’ve listed five services that every Australian company can employ to minimise commercial threats; increase productivity and reduce the risks associated with hiring the wrong people:

5 things a PI can do for your business

5 things that a Private Investigator can do for your business:

1. Background checks and Due diligence

When you consider the combined cost of an employee’s wages and his or her training, and the potential legal fees and resources required if the worst happens, performing a background check for a prospective new hire makes great financial sense. The average Australian’s yearly wage is roughly $78,000, making the cost of a background check for your next potential employee negligible in comparison. Background checks have a wide range of uses in the corporate world; as well as being the most effective means to dig into someone’s past, they can also be carried out on investment opportunities, partners, purchases and more. After all, you want the full and honest truth about the people that represent your business and the assets you come to invest in, right?

2. Data Recovery

Every business in the developed world uses some form of communications technology, whether it be computers, phones, tablets or other, more specific tech. Frequently, these devices will contain important information, integral to the smooth running of day-to-day operations. If the worst should happen and you accidently delete an irreplaceable file, or the machine malfunctions and the data disappears, Private Investigators are capable of using intensive data recovery tools to get it back. It’s important to note that data recovery is never a certainty as, depending on the device and the security software installed, encryptions can cause files to “shred” themselves on deletion if set-up to do so, making effective recoveries near impossible.

3. Employee and Worksite Surveillance

There may come a time where certain employees, groups of staff or even entire divisions within your business start to raise suspicions. Whether you suspect them of stealing, colluding, abusing substances, malingering or causing purposeful damage and disrepute to your organization, we can help. Private investigators are surveillance specialists by their very nature, making any form of observation-based investigation a sure-fire way to gather hard evidence of a person’s activities or the specifics at a given location. So, if you think that someone’s lying to you about where they are during business hours, that last leave of absence sounded a bit sketchy or you’re concerned that your sales team are enjoying themselves a bit too much; hiring a private investigator can really put your mind at ease.

4. Bug-sweeping and Security Checks

Corporate espionage is an unfortunate fact of life, with unsavoury businesses doing their best to gain an unfair advantage over their competitors. Private Investigation companies can carry out a wide range of security sweeps across your offices, vehicles, personal devices and home, without creating a stir or bringing attention to the case at hand. The more trained and experienced investigators will make use of a the most up-to-date technologies and employ expert physical searches to ensure that your spaces and the equipment within them remain bug and malware free.

5. Process Serving

Process serving is, by definition, the delivery of legal documents to a specific individual; but the key elements of the service are broader, encompassing the delivery of any key asset or information to a person or entity that may otherwise be difficult to deliver to or locate, whether intentional or not. Given that Private Investigators are, by default, trained to find and identify people without their knowledge, it makes sense that serving documents or delivering information to a private party comes naturally to us, making private detectives some of the most effective process servers available to Australia.

If you’re ever in need of professional assistance in regards to minimising financial strain, mitigating commercial risk and increasing staff productivity, remember that Precise Investigation is a Government Licensed private investigation agency that’s worked with hundreds of private and commercial clients across Australia over the last thirty years. We have the experience, resources and the skillsets necessary to have your investigation seen to quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, discreetly.

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