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5 Things a Professional PI Can Do For Your Business:

It’s a common misconception that Private Investigators are only summoned to spy on cheating spouses or to help the Police to track down mass murderers… Hollywood is very good at creating stereotypes and, unfortunately, what we see on television and the big screen is a little far-fetched.

With that being said, we are very proud to say that Precise Investigation does offer those services, but we provide a multitude of other, more business-specific investigations to small, medium and large-sized enterprises throughout Australia as well.

So, here are 5 services that many employers and business owners don’t think about when it comes to Private Investigations, and they’re five things that every successful company should look to employ if they’re looking for long-term stability:

1) Background Checks / Pre-employment screening

Background checks are any growing business’ first line of defence – when most companies come to employ new staff, they tend to believe what’s written on candidate’s résumés and what they say to back that information up in interviews.

How can you tell if they’re lying to you? How can you be sure that the person sitting in front of you really has the qualifications they say they do, or the experience they claim to have?

There’s only one way; performing a professional, rigorous and detailed background check or pre-employment review.

Precise Investigation have personally helped hundreds of companies of all sizes to determine whether their new business partners, executives or run-of-the-mill staff are as cracked up as they claim and, unfortunately, we’re often surprised by our findings.

Don’t let your business become a victim of fraud or workplace theft just because you weren’t 100% sure about who someone really was.

2) Internet & Forensic Computer Investigations

In this day and age, more and more people are becoming dependent on the internet and their computers for communication, fun, information and data sharing.

Business IT software and hardware costs Australian businesses hundreds upon thousands of dollars every year, so it’s really important that those businesses are bale to keep tabs on how those assets are being used.

Increasingly, we’re finding that company policies that ban illegal downloads, pornography and data sharing are being breached without any knowledge. We have worked alongside companies whose employees have downloaded millions of dollars worth of music and films, only to have the company front the bill.

Employing our Internet and Forensic Computer Investigations can ensure that you know what you’re employees are doing with your company machines before anyone else does, and we can go further to recover deleted data too.

3) Phone Data Recovery

There has been a recent rise in workplace misconduct relating to sexual harassment and bullying via mobile communication in Australia, most of which is taking place over company mobile phones.

Deleted photographs and hurtful messages or emails are amongst the most frequently uncovered forms of evidence we expose when our clients ask us to run phone data recovery services on their staff.

Often, employees will make a complaint about a colleague harassing them, only for the HR team to find no evidence to back their claims – Precise Investigation can help your company get to the bottom of it all.

4) Fraud and Workplace Theft Investigations

As you may have noticed from the number of fraud articles we post, occupational fraud is well and truly on the rise, with fraudsters thinking up smarter and more intricate ways of deceiving others than ever before.

Just last week we posted about an investigation we carried out on an employee who claimed to have been injured at work, who was then seeking reimbursement from the company when, in fact, they hadn’t been injured at all.

Workplace theft costs Australian businesses over $1.5 BILLION every year, so it’s no laughing matter – bringing someone into your business who intends to steal from you can be crippling beyond your imagination. We’ve seen it, first hand, and we can help you to stop it before it happens, expose it while it’s going on and even track someone down who’s made a runner.

5) Locating Missing Individuals

There are a number of reasons as to why a company would want to track someone down, the most common of which include embezzlement, fraud, workplace theft, debt, corporate espionage and harassment.

Precise Investigation has access to a vast database and an expansive network of professional investigators stationed across the country who work with us to quickly and cost-effectively track people down.

If someone’s skipped out on court or there’s something you need them to see without wanting your identity to be revealed, Precise Investigation can serve documents and deliver anonymous messages on your behalf too.

Precise Investigation has been at the forefront of Private Investigations in Australia for nearly 30 years and, as such, we’ve built up an incredible range of services to suit our skill sets and our clients’ needs.

Please take a look at our corporate investigation services for more information and, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us – we’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you on your way to better peace of mind and a more efficient work environment. Just click here to have a browse of our commercial investigation services.

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