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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – 20 Most Common Reasons People & Companies Currently Look To Hire a Private Investigator

20 Reasons People & Companies Currently Hire Private Investigators:

When it comes to working as a private investigator (PI) we specialise across the board in domestic, commercial and industrial investigation work. Fortunately, this gives the Precise Investigation team flexibility to work with many types of people and on a variety of different investigations.
So, for today’s blog, we have decided to use our experience and create a list of (what we consider to be) the 20 most common reasons people and companies currently look to hire a private investigator.
So (in no particular order) here goes…

20 Reasons to hire a Private Investigator:

1. Cheating spouse
2. Untrustworthy business partner or associate
3. Employee misconduct and/or theft
4. Debt collection
5. Fraud/embezzlement investigations
6. Conduct an asset research
7. Locate missing persons
8. Divorce and family law investigations
9. Child custody cases
10. Sexual harassment claims
11. Copyright cases
12. Road accidents (including hit and runs)
13. Identity theft
14. Stalker/predator investigations
15. Check public records in court
16. Insurance fraud claims
17. Online dating enquiries
18. Background checks for potential business partners/employees
19. Litigation support
20. Industrial espionage

So there you have it, the twenty most common types of cases that typically make their way through our door on a day-to-day basis. Think you might need help with any of the above investigations?

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