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13 Signs Your Husband is Having an Affair:

Infidelity can be incredibly difficult to detect and, although not entirely bulletproof, we have put together a list of 13 signs that can ultimately help you to determine whether your husband is having an affair.

1- PRIVATE PHONE CALLS: Although there may be an occasional need for privacy when making or taking phone calls, if your husband retreats to another room when the phone rings, especially if this has started happening more frequently than usual, it’s a pretty strong sign that something’s up.

2 – DELETES TEXTS AND MESSAGES: Most people don’t bother deleting their old text messages, at least that’s the case until their phone’s memory becomes full… in which case, most people simply delete a handful if necessary. As such, if your husband has began making an effort to regularly delete messages, you should consider looking a little deeper into the reasons behind it.

3 – MULTIPLE EMAILS or SOCIAL ACCOUNTS: If you happen to stumble across social sites or email accounts that you don’t recognize on your home computer, especially if you can see that they have been used multiple times, it’s a good time to step in and ask your husband what they are. Most people in committed relationships don’t have any need to hide the details of the social sites they visit, or the email addresses they use and why.

4 – AVOIDING FAMILY AND SOCIAL EVENTS: When a person is or becomes unfaithful, the idea of spending time with existing family becomes harder to bear as the guilt builds up. As such, if you find that your husband is suddenly coming up with excuses as to why he won’t be coming, he’ll be arriving late or needing to leave early, you can bet that it’s likely due to that guilt. We stress however, that missing one or two a year, or being late occasionally doesn’t warrant the same concern, we’re talking about a sudden and apparent “need” to distance themselves from the social events.

5 – SUDDENLY SPENDING MORE TIME WITH ANOTHER PERSON: If your husband is spending more time with a particular person, or group thereof, especially if that person is of the opposite sex, then it may be in your interest to dig a little deeper into the specifics of that relationship and the reasons behind the scrupulous hours spent in their company.

6 – SUDDEN CHARITY: Although it’s nice and often admirable for a person to give gifts or dedicate their time to a particular cause, if you find that your husband has started doing it out of the blue and on a regular basis, to a cause you don’t understand or especially if he’s doing it for a particular person, you may need to start questioning his motives. This is a classic sign of an emotional affair.

7 – A DIFFERENT SCENT: If you notice a different scent on your husband, whether it be another woman’s perfume or a different brand of soap, most likely from showering somewhere other than home, don’t let your senses evade you… if he’s coming home smelling different to when he left, there is usually a reason.

8 – LESS TOUCH: Along with evading family events, the guilt that arises out of infidelity can lead your husband to become less affectionate with you. Sometimes it isn’t even guilt so much as the fact that he may have convinced himself that he’s no longer in love with you. If you’ve noticed that he’s touching you less and his excuses don’t make sense, you may have an issue that needs to be addressed.

9 – SUDDEN CHANGE IN STYLE: If you notice that your husband has started to dress differently, change the styling of his beard or hair or maintains a higher level of cleanliness than you’re used to, you may want to investigate a little further… especially if these changes correlate with more time being spent away from home, whatever the reason.

10 – LONGER AWAY FROM HOME: It’s not uncommon for the men in the house to need a little time to themselves, taking the dog for a walk, going to the gym, playing poker with friends etc. Most of these activities have a specific timeframe that men generally stick to, so if you notice that the usual thirty-minute walk with the dog turns into a ninety-minute stroll, then you may need to ask a few questions.

11 – SUDDENLY PICKS FIGHTS: Does your husband suddenly start arguments that result in him leaving the house? If this happens a lot, and more frequently than usual, you may need to start digging into what’s causing them, and where he goes when he leaves.

12 – EXTRA SECRECY: When your husband suddenly has a drastic change in his attitude towards his privacy; being more discrete or protective about the details of his whereabouts, who he’s talking to on the phone or what he’s doing when he’s not with you, then it’s likely that you have a potential infidelity issue on your hands.

13 – OVERLY DEFENSIVE: Were you once able to have open, calm and intimate conversations with your husband, where he now tried to avoid them or becomes angry when you try to ask him questions? People are defensive for a number of reasons, but if your partner never used to be, or he’s been growing more so over the last few days, weeks or months, it may be time to ask the real question… “Why?”

While these signs, especially when they occur in conjunction with each other, may be a good indication of infidelity, they are not entirely bullet-proof… people change and emotions change, and external factors can have a major influence over the way people behave. To know for sure whether your husband is having an affair, your best bet, away from sheer honesty, is to hire a private detective. We’ve helped hundreds of clients across Australia to uncover the truth, and more often than not, their initial suspicions are wrong, with a number of underlying factors in the relationship being the root cause for any instabilities, instead of other love interests.

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We hope the above signs are useful indicators. Of course, there is only one way to be sure… Hire an experienced private investigator.

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