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Trying to Find Someone? Accelerate Results with our Professional Skip Tracing Services

Need to find someone, or locate something that’s gone missing? Rest assured that Precise Investigation and our thirty years’ experience as one of Australia’s leading private investigation firms has given us and our clients the means to find the people and the things that matter most to them.

Whether a sibling has slipped off the radar, an employee’s gone rogue or someone’s managed to skip bail – or you’re simply trying to find your old car after selling it years ago, Precise Investigation has the skills and experience you need to have whatever you’re after found quickly and cost-effectively.

Why Choose Precise Investigation for Professional Skip-Tracing?

Precise Investigation’s professional location services have been specifically developed to help clients successfully track and locate missing persons of interest, whether family, financiers, or even convicts. Moreover, Precise Investigation’s expertise extends beyond finding missing people, alone; our training, experience and skillsets allow us to provide our customers with the same high levels of service when locating items, assets or information as well.

Our team of investigators take pride in delivering successful results across the board, and along with our findings, we’re proud to boast one of the highest client satisfaction rates of any Australian private investigation firm. Our appreciation for case sensitivity, our discretion, ingenuity and attention to detail are second to none and we strive, wherever possible, to apply ever aspect of our capacities within the field to every case we take.

With a deep understanding of the stresses, anxieties and emotional strains involved when people or the things that matter most go missing, Precise Investigation works solely to help our clients to restore their peace of mind and revel in their newfound relief.

Putting Our Private Investigators to Work

Precise Investigation employs a team of location investigation specialists who, coupled with our dedicated support team, work tirelessly to uncover as much information about the missing family members, potential suspects, criminals or debtors as possible before and during the investigation process.

Simultaneously, the operatives appointed to the case make use of an array of technological solutions, networking channels and tried and tested techniques along with blending traditional location methods with modern, military and para-military tactics.

Phone calls, field visits, web crawling, data mining, cold calling, door-knocking and even the occasional drone flight are amongst the most basic of practices that our investigators employ, together with a simple, yet highly effective technique known as “Skip tracing.”

Otherwise known as “debtor” or “fugitive recovery”, “skip tracing” is another successful approach that Precise Investigation often puts into practice. It’s the process of pinpointing a person’s whereabouts by analyzing the information left behind after they’ve left a previously known address. Skip tracing is a service typically employed by companies or financial institutions to find people that are trying to avoid financial responsibility, but it’s applications are limitless.

Successfully Locating Someone

How long does it take to find someone? Unfortunately, the answer to that question is pretty much the same as “how long is a piece of string?” although the amount of information available to our team can drastically effect the timeframes involved. For example, a family’s teenage boy goes missing in a small town outside Sydney and in Darwin, a similar young man has also vanished into thin air. Which would we be able to find first? There are a great many variables in location services that Precise Investigation, our professional private investigators and dedicated support team take into consideration, depending on the case in question and the people involved.

For a more detailed account of how a particular case may be handled, please get in touch with Precise Investigation today, let us know what’s bothering you, and one of our friendly investigators will be able to provide you with the guidance you need.

Example Subjects for Skip Tracing Services

Here’s a short list of some common subjects for Precise Investigation’s professional location and skip tracing services, requested by our domestic clients:

  • Road Accident Suspects (after hit and runs, for example);
  • Debt Recoveries or Collections;
  • Family Reunions;
  • Fractured Friendships;
  • Financial and/or Moral Responsibilities (contagious diseases);
  • Fraudsters;
  • Criminals, and more.
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