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Can I Hire a Private Investigator for Supervised Visitation?

supervised visitation, supervised visitation guidelines

Supervised visitation is an option when the court reaches the conclusion in a child custody hearing that the non-custodial parent is unreliable and they should meet the child only in the presence of a third party. While they are allowed to meet and bond with the child on a regular basis, they may be restricted from meeting the child alone.

The presence of a reliable person means lesser risk of unwanted events or threats to the child’s safety and the parent can work towards building a good relationship with their child in a suitable environment.

In child custodial cases, if the court thinks that supervised visitation is in the best interest of the child, then they would order supervised visits and specify additional details such as the schedule of visits, the person who would be present during visits, and the place where they would meet which is either the home of the custodial parent or a suitable visitation facility.

Supervised visitation may seem overwhelming at times, but the court may suspend the decision and permit unsupervised visitation if the non-custodial parent proves their trustworthiness.

While the parent or a trusted family member can be present during visits for supervision, it’s best to hire a private investigator due to their experience and insights into child custody matters.

When Is Supervised Visitation a Good Idea?

Court-ordered supervised visitation isn’t always comfortable for the non-custodial parent since they may feel they are being wrongly punished, but both sides (the custodial parent as well as the visiting side) should prioritise the well-being of their children and follow supervised visitation guidelines.

The court may favour supervised visits when there may be threats to the safety of the child in scenarios such as:

• When there is a risk the visiting parent would abduct the child against court custody verdict
• When they have abusive tendencies and were reported for domestic violence in the past
• When their former partner or children were subjected to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse in the past and they may again create potentially dangerous situations for the child
• A history of alcohol or substance abuse problem
• Mental health issues that can pose risks to the child’s well-being
• When the visiting parent tends to neglect the child’s needs

The court may also order supervised visitation when the non-custodial parent didn’t have a relationship with the child since their birth and was absent from their life. While they may now want to actively participate in their life, the child may get uncomfortable in such a situation. Moreover, the custodial parent may worry whether they would take good care of the child.

Therefore, the court may decide on such a setting to ensure the safety of the child as well as ensure peace of mind for parents.

Private Investigators and Supervised Visitation

You may want to choose a friend or family member to supervise visits by your former partner and report the events, but what if they have an ulterior motive and don’t share honest details of the visit? Won’t it put your child in the path of danger and further increase your worries?

So, it may be a better idea to hire a reputable Private Investigator for this purpose. There are many reasons for doing so.

It’s important to note that they are professionals, so they are neutral and have no need to lie to you and risk your child’s safety.

They provide detailed reports after visitation meetings with objective details of events. Unlike family members or friends, they would refrain from sharing a subjective personal opinion and their comprehensive reports can help you better understand the situation too.

If the visiting parent doesn’t take good care of the child, neglects their needs, or tends to be abusive with them, then the report findings will help you prove to court through relevant evidence that the child may be at risk in their presence.

Furthermore, private investigators are trained and experienced at handling child custody cases and know what to do if tensions rise. They can de-escalate the situation and ensure the child’s safety in a safe and professional manner.

How to Make Supervised Visitation Work

If the court has decided that your ex-partner should meet your child only in the presence of a third party, then you need to understand the details of the court order to abide by the law. It’s therefore important to go through the court decision to understand the situation.

You should inform the child about the decision and remind them in advance when visits are due so they aren’t surprised at the last moment and can plan their activities accordingly. Don’t be angry when they return after spending an enjoyable time with their other parent and listen to their stories without passing negative comments.

Don’t dictate or coach them about what to do during visits. Rather, you should let them meet their parent and spend quality time as they want.

Assure your child that the decision is in their best interest, and you will always support them. Let them enjoy their time and remind them that you wish them to be happy and comfortable.

Make sure you don’t badmouth your former partner in front of your child since they love their parents, and your negative attitude may hurt their feelings. Therefore, try to mention positive things about your ex-partner and encourage your child to respect them. Not only is it good for your child but also improves your reputation.

When it comes to supervised visits, make sure you are aware of supervised visitation guidelines as per state laws. Follow the schedule and reach the designated visitation place on time. Don’t be late without any reason and deliberately shorten visiting time. Make sure the child is ready and has necessary items with them that they may need during the day.


The family court may order supervised visitation in child custodial matters when the non-custodial parent is proved to be unfit or untrustworthy for looking after their child. Therefore, you may hire a private investigator to monitor the situation during visits and ensure the safety of the child by presenting you with detailed reports.

Dealing with a supervised visitation situation isn’t always easy for the visiting parent as well as the custodial parent. But they can make it work by prioritising the safety and happiness of their children.

Do you want to know how to request supervised visitation? Then our professional team can assist you with Child Custody Matters.

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