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Why a private investigator is invaluable to your business

Having a private investigator on speed dial is an excellent idea for any business. They offer a wide range of services to help save your business from damage and loss.

Precise Investigation has a team of licenced and insured professionals that are experts in their field, that can assist you in a wide range of investigations.

Utilise the help of surveillance professionals to gain insights

They can help you locate people with skip tracing

There are many reasons why a business may need to locate somebody who may not want to be found. They could be debtors who owe you money; they could be a former employee with information you need, they could be customers who skipped out on the bill or a range of other reasons.

Precise Investigation will use a technique called skip tracing to locate these people for you, using our extensive network of connections, technologies, databases and more to find people – no matter how ‘off the grid’ they may be.

You can uncover workers committing fraud

Workplace injury fraud costs businesses a lot of money, and you can use a private investigation service to monitor anyone you suspect may be misrepresenting their injury or incapacity. This evidence can save you enormous amounts of money and ensure that all claims are legitimate

The Precise Investigation team can also help you uncover the culprits of workplace theft and uncover any behaviours or activities that could be damaging to your business.

All of your employment checks can be carried out efficiently

People lie on resumes; that’s a fact. It is an unfortunate truth that costs many businesses lots of time and money on lost productivity when it comes to light that people they hire are not as qualified as they claim.

That means your business has suffered when they have been in the position, but it also resets the employment process. You have to go through the lengthy advertising, recruitment and interviewing process. It also means that your team is overworked while covering for vacant positions and overall productivity is down.

You don’t have to run that risk with Precise Investigation. We can rapidly use our connections and databases to ensure that potential workers have the experience and qualifications they claim they have before they are hired.

They can assist with digital security and help grow your business

Modern-day thieves aren’t using weapons to rob businesses; they use their computers. Cybercrime is a significant problem. Any weaknesses in your IT structures can lead to your systems being locked for ransom, attacked so you cannot continue operations, or sensitive data could be stolen.

Precise Investigation can work with your IT team and managers to ensure your digital security is at the highest level and help educate your team on their responsibilities. We can even help you with your marketing strategies to help grow your business by identifying your customers’ online behaviour.

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