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Private and commercial surveillance in Australia is more common than you may think.

For many people, the concept of hiring someone to run surveillance on a person or a company might sound like something straight out of the movies. But this practice is prevalent in Australia for a range of reasons.

From a domestic perspective, surveillance is often used to gather evidence when you suspect that your partner or spouse might be unfaithful, evidence which can then be used in subsequent court cases including divorce proceedings.

In a commercial sense, surveillance is often used to monitor people you may suspect of fraud. For example, fraudulent workplace injury claims are an enormous problem and cost businesses millions of dollars, so running surveillance on an individual that you suspect may be misrepresenting their injuries or incapacity can help you prevent losses and recover money.

When you are enlisting an individual or company’s services, it is essential to ensure that they are properly registered and insured, have the right skills for the job, and operate within the boundaries of the law.

What is considered illegal surveillance?

Privacy laws are different from state to state, and it is essential that both yourself and the individual or company that you enlist for the surveillance task are operating within these laws. You can check the different privacy laws for each state and territory here:


New South Wales

South Australia


Western Australia

Northern Territory



Most of the laws are very similar.  For example, it is generally illegal to record people in places that are deemed private like their own homes, bathrooms etc. If the information gathered through surveillance is undertaken illegally, not only will it not be admissible as evidence in court, but it could also lead to criminal charges against the person carrying out the surveillance and yourself.

Why hire a professional to conduct surveillance?

The primary reason to turn to professionals for your surveillance is that they are experienced and will carry out the task without being detected. If the person you are monitoring discovers that you are watching and recording them, they could become angry or hostile, putting you in a dangerous position. Professionals are also familiar with the relevant laws. They will ensure the evidence is gathered legally to be used in court and mitigating any risk of privacy breaches.

How Precise Investigation can assist you

When you enlist Precise Investigation’s services, you are gaining access to a team with more than three decades as industry leaders in Australia. You can have an entire team working on your job to gather information during a defined period. We have access to and use the most effective measures and equipment to ensure that you are getting quality evidence, whilst mitigating the risk of detection.

Speak to the team at Precise Investigation about the solutions and support you need to discover crucial insights. No matter your requirements or objectives, we can tailor a solution for you.

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